An off topic question, because that's all I have to offer :-)

Now that the pre-release units are in the wild I feel like I don’t have much to add to the conversation and all my comments are simply, “cool,” or “wow,” or “dang-it! I want one of those!” Before when everything was conjecture and speculation, well I can speculate with the best, but now I find I’m spending all my time reading and re-reading the testers and eating up everything they post. Since I’m not the kind to like to be quiet for too long of a time let me ask a totally irrelevant series of questions:

  1. Favorite bad movie? (I.e., a movie that flopped, is not respected, and you always feel a little embarrassed when you mention it, but you loved it anyway.) My example, George of the Jungle with Brendan Fraser. When my youngest was about 2 he decided he loved this movie so much that he pretty much demanded to watch this movie every day till he was 4. It didn’t matter how many times I’ve seen, every time I walked through the room and it was playing I would stop, start quoting lines myself and get totally sucked in. I’m not a movie snob, but to me a movie that never gets old and can be rewatched a thousand times is a great movie, regardless of critiques and box-office take.

  2. Most under-rated movie: For me, Speed Racer. No movie has better captured the spirit of an animated cartoon in live action. Besides it’s a cross of wrestling with racing cars, what could possibly be better?

  3. Favorite franchise? For me Star Wars, though Marvel and Harry Potter aren’t’ terribly far behind. Shocker, I know.

As diverse as this forum is, I’m curious to see what you guys and gals say.


Man,…let me think about it…this deserves serious consideration. :smile:

  1. Lovable stinker?

  2. Most underrated?

  3. Franchise?

  1. I really can’t think of any. {placeholder}
  2. Life - Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence. I swear nobody’s seen this movie except me and my brother, and I don’t even recall it getting any hype when it came out. I consider it one of the best Eddie Murphy movies.
  3. Franchise, eh? Gosh… I guess we’re talking cinematic releases. If we’re talking TV movies, I’m going with the Babylon 5 movies. Cinematic I guess I’d have to go with Star Wars. Oh, wait… Maybe Back To The Future? Hmmmm… Oh, darn… Tron? Lethal Weapon?

Damn you, sir, for asking these question. Damn you straight to the depths of hell. :slight_smile:

  1. The Shadow (with Alec Baldwin)
  2. Dredd (Of course the Karl Urban one, not Stallone’s (Judge Dredd))
  3. Star Wars, closely followed by Marvel, which means I’m a very happy geek because we’ll be getting 1 Star Wars /year and 3 Marvel/year for the foreseeable future. OH and of course the Marvel Netflix series!!

I don’t see all that many movies so I’m having trouble coming up with an answer for number one. Although, my answer for number two could do for number one : Dark Star, directed by a John Carpenter. It’s a goofy movie you’re embarrassed to admit you like. As far as your third question, for me it’s a toss up between the Indiana Jones movies, and Lord Of The Rings.


1. Favorite Bad Movie: Troll 2. It is hilariously bad. Spoiler alert: There are no trolls in the movie.

2. Most Under-rated Movie: Hmmm, I have to say its a tie.
Shoot 'em up. This movie is pretty much just a constant fight scene, I think there was maybe 15 mins of non-fight time. There isn’t much plot, but its a fun movie.

Dark City: Its a creepy, surreal, complex, and fantastic!

3. Favorite Franchise: I have to say Marvel. Between the movies, the TV shows and the Netflix series, its just great. I’m hoping they actually have more cross over between the three.

  1. I’m going to say that my favorite bad movie is “The Rundown” which is also apparently called “Welcome to the Jungle” in some markets…

  2. “Most underrated” basically means “less well known but good”, right? If so, I’ll go with…

  3. Franchise… franchise…? hmmm…
    Gonna have to go with The Fast & the Furious series. Once I figured out that the movies are mostly big-budget ridiculousness I started enjoying them a lot more. I think it took the director(s?) a few movies to figure that out as well.

  1. Sahara, it is just a fun movie and was faithful to the characters. MASH is my all time can’t leave the room if it is on movie though.

  2. Tank Girl, another fun movie that I always thought deserved cult status like Rocky Horror

  3. James Bond hands down, especially the Daniel Craig reboot. I’m also a fan of Jason Bourne and the Red movies (and Start Trek reboot, and Batman series with Christian Bale…)

  1. The Crawling Hand (1963) - as dissected on Mystery Science Theater 3000 in 1989.

  2. Jacobs Ladder - A very M Night Shyamalan like movie from 1990. I like stories that require non-linear thought.

  3. Dr Who since 2005 – Gotta go with TV rather than Movies here. I expect franchise movies that spend $150M or more to be great and am often disappointed. I only expect modest distraction from a show like Dr. Who and usually extremely entertained. (The earlier Dr Who series was very cool for its time but like almost everything would have been much better to see them as first run.


to add some international mix for the first two,

  1. 3 Idiots - 2009 Indian movie
  2. Swiri (sometimes known as Shiri) - 1999 South Korean Action (cult) movie
  3. and from way back when, when directors were more the “franchise” than a theme or character, Alfred Hitchcock

Dark City is fantastic! Pre-Matrix!


1: Dragnet.
2: Clue.
3: Indiana Jones… let’s not speak about anything past #3 though.

  1. Hell comes to Frogtown. Roddy Piper is the best.
  2. Children of Men. A very well done apocalyptic film.
  3. Game of Thrones. I binge watch.
  1. Buckaroo Banzai
  2. Ardman’s Pirates!
  3. Favorite franchise, Idunno. Bond, maybe, for sheer longevity. On TV, B5 for scope and vision. Dr. Who for watchability (Although I have yet to get the kids interested.)

I love Buckaroo Bonzai Great pick

  1. Howard the Duck. That’s right, I said it.

  2. Bunraku. SO good! Highly stylized, based on Japanese paper theater, it’s got Ron Perlman, Woody Harrelson, Josh Hartnett, Gackt, and Demi Moore. Oh, and Mike Patton is the narrator, in case you needed more motivation.

  3. The Detective Dee series. Only two films, but it’s based on books over a hundred years old. Great casting, effects, everything.

Buckaroo Banzai is in my top ten, talk about a cast!


The wife was screaming at me to put down Howard the Duck. We both liked it. Neither of us would tell that to anyone we know…


That is for people with shame, my friend!

  1. Far too many to pick only one. Currently it’s John Carter.

  2. Buckaroo Banzi

  3. Star Wars.


Okay – here we go for me: