An update on the tool box project



A while back I mentioned that I was ending up with a box that was not as I had intended as a “little fingers” exercise,

So I had the box and set out to make it useful. it was kind of a mod as you go affair, realizing what I should have done after I did it. I had lots of scraps from making the box so that tooth set became the standard so anything made with it would fit every other thing made with it.

As a result, I ended up with a lot of small tool holders.

that fit into the box thusly

there is still more to work out but at least I can put my carving tools in one place again/


They make a really nice set!


That’s a nice arrangement! Quick to hand. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve been searching though scraps to piece together similar holders/stands. Great job!


I’m not sure if it’s what you intended, or have done, but your photo gave me the idea that you could use the same cut for sliding in adjustable dividers between a tool holder on each side.
Hope that makes sense !


Not sure but if you made the spacing the same as the thickness of the material (this is a bit thinner) and then made your outside scrap from making the box and whatever parts line the top and bottom corners of the interior of what ever spaces along the longest sides then yes you could have movable dividers fit anywhere along those sides.

What I was sort of aiming for was a box of boxes, that I could pull the set of tools appropriate to what material I was working with and not dig through the ones I wasn’t using and yet have a common place that they all could concentrate and not get scattered all over and likely lost, or at least in the way when I was not using them. also have a way of picking the tool I needed without stabbing myself (hence the windows on the sides of the holders)


Super impressed by your sentence construction, never mind the box !
And I though I used long sentences.


LOL, a bad trait I am am always trying to restrain.


+1 :upside_down_face:


Holy cow, that’s a lot of teeth! What a great set all of those pieces makes.


A Megalodon Box? Fortunately it does not attack cows so they can be hole free, from the box anyway.