An upgrade to my Gloomhaven upgrade

I decided that my MDF card boxes for Gloomhaven just weren’t stylish enough, so I stepped up my game (pun intended) with these hefty beasts.

The design is based on a set of modular patterns I’m working on that will allow you to mix-and-match the frame, facade (omitted here), and liner for a huge number of permutations.

The frame is 1/8" sapele ply from Laser Wood Supplies, finished with Howard Feed-N-Wax. The liner and dividers are 1/8" translucent white acrylic from Cerulean Tides.

The lid closes with four pairs of 1/8" x 1/8" neodymium disc magnets.

Unfortunately, I have 10 more MDF boxes for that game that now look shabby as hell… It never ends, does it?


Very nice! I especially love the beautiful pattern on the outside and the tab separators. Is it tough to get the cards in and out?


Have you started working on one for Frosthaven yet? :grin:


Really nice work.

Solid sapele?

If so, I am impressed… Sapele has given me nothing but trouble to cut – sooty and uneven. I pretty much gave up on it and use things like walnut, cherry, mahogany or padauk when I want a dark richer wood color. They seem to cut much more consistently


Not at all! We take the divider in or out with the cards, and that gives it a nice, firm backing.


Not yet! The family just adopted Gloomhaven as our regular weekend board game, so we haven’t considered expansions yet. I’m sure that day will come, though.


Oh, sorry, it’s sapele ply! Cuts beautifully, even smoother than MDF. I was really pleased.


We played Gloomhaven for several weekends (we too have a weekend game!) and while we loved it, the setup and play I think hurt our chances to continue. Organization like this would be nice!

BTW - check out Clank Legacy - GREAT legacy game.


Wow, really nice. I don’t know the game, but your box and acrylic tabbed dividers is a great design that would be adaptable to all kinds of things.


These turned out great! Nice job!


Absolutely, it was taking us 40 minutes just to set up and get started. Now with organizers, we’re up and running in 5. Huge difference.

It’s still a big time commitment, though.

Clank Legacy is great, one of my elder son’s favorites.


These are spectacular!
Do you happen to SELL the plans?

Gloomhaven is AWESOME! It is by far my favorite Board Game.
The PC version on Steam is VERY good as well, and has the entire campaign… for when you want to solo or play with friends online. I think they just added Frosthaven.

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Thanks! I will have them for sale, but I need to clean up the file and write up instructions first.

And yes, Gloomhaven is something unique! I’ve got the digital version, but haven’t gotten very far into it.


Serious upgrade. :sunglasses:

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I’m tremendously impressed by your gorgeous box!

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Love the box and dividers!

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Folks with shops to sell things usually add their shop info to the avatar.
Just click on the icon and if a shop exists, you will see a link.

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It’s in the works; I have a puzzle-oriented shop, but I’m still refining the digital designs for the new one. Soon, though, very soon!

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Looks GREAT!! How did you get the black text on the white acrylic?

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Engraved the acrylic and filled it with black Uni Posca marker, let it dry a bit, then wiped off the excess.