And Another Print Load Error

I keep getting a “Print Load Error” with the following text. "We’re sorry, an error occurred while preparing this print. "

I’ve tried restarting my computer, using both Edge & Chrome browsers, restarting the Glowforge (GF), and using the Glowforge Founder Ruler as the file to print rather than my simple circle inside a square cutout that I created with Inkscape.

I’m using proofgrade medium acrylic, which the GF correctly identifies.

This is very frustrating.

I’ve been getting that today as well. On my most recent print, I retried 3 times and on the third time it started. (Just a small trace job of about 2" in diameter)

I just tried again with hardwood maple proofgrade material & the founders ruler…same error. It gets all the way to providing the notice to push the button on the GF to start the print, but then pops over to the error message after it appears to try to render the file image on the material a few times.

This happened the other night with something else I was trying. It’s going to be a real deal killer for anyone who relies on this system to make things.

So you are getting the error after you hit the print button in the User Interface, correct? It won’t process the motion plan to get you to where you can hit the flashing button on the Glowforge.

That it’s happening with default files, like the ruler, seems to solve the issue with a particular file. And Proofgrade material just sitting on the tray - not propped up oddly, etc.? This sounds like it’s having trouble communicating with the cloud to develop/download a motion plan.

Do you have anything running that may be causing interference with your network?

Do you have something going that might be taking priority on the network? Like video streaming, etc.?

Is your Glowforge getting a strong connection to the router? You can put your phone on the front-right of the Glowforge, by the button and check the strength there. Or, log into your router interface if you’re comfortable with that.

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Yes, error after I hit the print button in the user interface. It does some processing & then shows the run time & says to hit the button on the GF for a few seconds before popping up the error message.

One file I’ve tried is just a single square with a circle inside it. Very simple. All material is sitting flat on the tray.

Nothing should be interfering with the wifi/network. I just checked with my phone at the GF - getting 65 mbps down & 6 mbps up.

Seems like a Glowforge server side processing or communications issue to me.

Tried again with exactly the same file & material, now it works. Absolutely nothing different on my end.

Same here. I just tried it over and over until it worked. Highly unlikely it’s a speed issue on this end. Here’s what I got at the :glowforge:

Almost certainly a server issue as far as I can tell.

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The interesting part to me in that - I see, after your second description - is that you are getting the run time and says to hit the button; indicating that it has formulated a motion plan and wants you to process the file that is in the queue. Yet, crashes before you have the opportunity to Go.

The server side processing should be done at that point and the file on your Forges memory, I believe.

Other things I can think of would be safety interlock (if you have a pro), front door not closed all of the way, lid not closed all of the way (though should indicate)… I believe material scan errors crash it when it’s scanning the material just before a print.

Some of us suffering with Comcast hate you a little right now :stuck_out_tongue:

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@dannysawin I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.

@BigBlueMark I checked into your Glowforge and it looks like you’ve gotten past the issue. If that’s not right, or if you see the error again, please open a new topic and we’ll check it out!