And then there was 3D


This is gonna be so much fun :heart_eyes: Did the crow without any adjustment to the file I had already made and still looks pretty darn cool.

The last pic is just a sneak peek of something that turned out pretty neat if I do say so myself. (Not that I had much to do with it really.) After doing the initial 3D engraving with a photo of a CNC file made by Yura Tikhonovskiy, I’ve made some adjustment to the pic to see what further detail I can bring out. It’s cutting now. (I’m not going to post the whole pic as it’s not my work. I’ve reached out to the artist to see if he minds sharing it.)

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That is incredible, literally salivating on my keyboard


oh my…:scream: Speechless. Bravo!


Wow! Wow! Wow! Amazing! Can you tell us what kind of wood you are using?


These look so amazing! 3D will be sooooooooo much fun!


Zowie! Very cool.


Holy Cow !! er um… Crow! Holy Crow!



wow wow wow wow!!!1!!!

(edited to add excessive exclamation points :wink: )


Wow, that is incredible! Can’t believe the detail you’re getting on both the crow and the 3D engrave!

Might be time to try it again - that’s a tremendous improvement over the tests that I ran months ago on the PRU.

Thanks for showing the test results…hope your buddy lets you show the rest! :grinning:


Totally blown away. My cats are going to feel neglected this weekend, I think.


It looks like I could reach out and touch it! Nice job!


@kittski it looks AMAZING!!

Can’t wait for my :glowforge: to arrive an try this out! :crazy_face:


This is awesome!

I can understand not posting the full pic since its not yours, but can you post the part of the image used (like the same part your showing the engraving of - of that last pic)? And what settings are you using on the GF?


No words, besides magnificent! Thank you for introducing me to this great artist!


PF Bass. It has a beautiful clear grain to it.


Sure. The link is to the page of the artist, Yura. I took the pic he posted, made some brightness and sharpening adjustments and then used the new GFUI 3D engrave option.



Time to start designing coin-like medallions!

Does the maximum engraving depth match the deep score depth, or is the range less than that?


I really haven’t checked to compare the depth, but it goes very deep. I did a second print of this that was just a tad blacker in places and it ate through the :proofgrade: bass hardwood. You definitely don’t have to go full black to get deep engraving. In fact, they might want to dial back the power a bit.


I wish he were a buddy! I’ve just followed his work for a bit and he posted the pic to the FB laser forum. He’s about the best 3D model maker I’ve seen. Hope he has time to respond to a little hobbyist like me who wants to use his pic :slight_smile:


How was this accomplished? What type of settings are you using? That is amazing looking.