And yet another dice box


As promised, here’s the other design. Made this one to hold my son’s miniature as well.

Used floor mat foam from Harbor Frieght on the insides. Outside is walnut ply from Johnson plastics and blue acrylic from estreetplastics. Wood was completely press fit…with a rubber mallet…lol. Sucker ain’t coming apart…

A bit hard to see, but the blue shows through the cut outs.

Cut a slit in the foam to hold the base of the miniature.

My son loves it and Symond approves…lol

D&D dice box

Love it! (I almost wish I was into gaming…you guys come up with some dynamite accessories to hold the accessories!) :smile:


From the lady with the cool desk sets and kitchen accessories! Lol


Good point! :rofl:


This now on my list of favorites. Very nicely done.


Outstanding! One of THE coolest gaming things I’ve seen here. And there’s been some pretty cool chit. (Will be surprised if you don’t start getting orders for more things like that from other players.)

Also… -shoutsofNERDS!comingfromsomewhere- LOL


Hopefully I’ll get some sales out of it…lol
Will also make some generic stuff to sell in the stores. :grin:


My son’s friend, who also came that night, is now hooked as well LOL His character is a half dragon so I’m going to make one themed for him for his birthday.


Hey, I learned to play Catan just so I could make my own set! :wink:


Which half? :confused:


The left half of course, nothing else is sensible :wink:


The whole design is fantastic. I particularly like the feet.


More than 15 years experience with bigger machines, that’s why she is “The Laser Lady”. She fed us inspiration for the two years we were waiting!


Oh stop…lol. I have my moments… :grin:


The foam is perfect, looks almost like the wall of a dungeon.


It would be stunning without the blue acrylic … but WOW! This is over the top gorgeous!


Oooooo, very nice! I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again—you are the coolest mom in town.


Awesomely awesome and beautiful :grin:


Oh my gosh. If I show this to my kids, they’re going to want their own.

Hey kids…


I LOVE this. With permission, I just may have to steal this idea.