Anodized Photo Engraving on iPod - Oh, Punky Pewster!

First shot at photo engraving an iPod.

The original photo was JUNK for quality so I’m limited by how nicely this can be reproduced… but I love this photo of Rizzo.

I like the way it turned out, I do wish some of the detail didnt disappear but I’m on the fence about running a second pass because I dont want to blow out the lighter areas.


Does anyone else stand over their GF watching stuff engrave and just laugh maniacally?


Oh yeah, I do. Also from some forum visitors who have who peer down into it like they were the first to peek into Tutankhamun’s burial chamber.

Nice job! I had tried 50% to remove anodized coating that came out spotty, so the 100% power was a good call.


No doubt that I will lol.

The speckled look is interesting. I assume that is the film grain?


Sweet! Sweet! Sweet! :grinning:
(And slow down…it will still be there tomorrow, and you’re makin’ the rest of us look bad.) :joy:

No maniacal laughter, but I did suddenly burst into tears once. Does that count? :no_mouth:


Heeeey! Nobody else is posting stuff done on aluminum! It is my duty! :smiley:

I think that’s just laser dithering and low image quality in the original.

I couldnt resist a second pass.


Dude, my :glowforge: will be here within the hour, I can not wait to laugh maniacally from the moment the boxes get here, to probably the point at which i finally go to bed. most likely that will be sometime late tomorrow morning. :smiley:


I wanted to laugh maniacally from the moment I got my hands on my Glowforge but I couldn’t because I’m scared CBSA might think I’m a nut job… and then when I wanted to laugh maniacally from the moment I plug Glowforge’s to the electrical socket I couldn’t because we had no power…


That’s fantastic!

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I did. Another new material for me

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