Another cut test

I was having a lot of issues with some mahogany (it burns easily but is hard to cut) so on my last bit of scrap, I needed to see what settings made the best cut. The design happens to fit the bit of scrap I had, but you can move stuff about. I used the Glowforge text so you can change what it says (and the Glowforge rectangle) as well.

cut test 2

Edit: Unfortunately it auto re-arranged everything so all the text is at the top instead of over each rectangle as I have it. By setting each rectangle to score you can see which is which and move them around back again. you should be able to change the text as that was the point of the exercise to try one at a time to see what was just enough to go through. in this wood, 125fx2 worked but was burned badly while 130fx2 could be pressed out but did not fall out.

I tried my standard cut test but it was not able to tell the fine-tuning that was needed, so making multiple small tests I was much more able to fine tune the settings.


Nice to have options…

The reason I designed mine to have those weird shapes was to provide a sharp corner, a curve, and straight lines. The laser can behave differently on each, so I made that weird shape. Maybe clean corners has mostly made that unnecessary, hard to say, but that’s why they are the strange shape that they are.

Crosslinked for reference:


This is the modified test cut I use regularly.
evans tests



Thank you to both of you for these test files.

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Huh - it didn’t do this for me - everything stayed right where you have it.

Question though - what is fx2 and hfx2? I was presuming the numbers were power and the full was speed - but then fullx2 doesn’t make sense.

full two passes does make more sense and half full also if you are thinking about it,

Over on the side I had the text and then the rectangle that went with it then text and then that rectangle, When saved it stays in that order but exported squashes all the text together, and then all the rectangles. The Image stays the same.

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So the numbers are power,
full or half full is speed,
and the x is number of passes?

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Full or half is the power the numbers are the speed, and x is the passes, It is just my reference. You can make up your own system, if you copy a square they will all have the same setting. So if you want to cut one nd not the .other you have to change the corner radius ( changing the size will not do it) to force it to become a separate object. I did not learn this right away so made most of them one at a time which was a lot of work. The same with the text, You have to make it different text for it to have different settings, even if you change back to the same.


This is what goes in my reference collection…

The loose pieces are glued in place on top