Another dead simple face shield design

This may be the most laserable yet.


while this would stop droplets from getting in your face, large droplets, it would not prevent the aerosol size floaters from getting in your eyes and nose.

The one comment under the article is spot on. I’d like to say I’m adult enough not to laugh, but I’m not. :upside_down_face:

Thanks. Passed this along as we just got a big donation of PET. I feel like we got complaints about the open top, but if they’re getting good feedback, then that could work.

Pretty sure the face shields are meant to be the first line of defense, not complete coverage. Medical grade face shields have marginally more coverage, but they aren’t meant to stop everything. You wear a mask and possibly eye protection under them.

Do you think this is safe to laser?

I heard about this on Wednesday. …I’ve never looked at the SDS for wrap materials. According to the article it’s polypropylene.

But I have issue with this statement:

The innovative mask uses Halyard H600 two-ply spun polypropylene that cannot be penetrated by water, bacteria or particles.

Completely untrue. High pressure steam(aka penetrating water) is what we use exclusively to sterilize wrapped items. Maybe just sitting about, but there are numerous do’s and don’t’s to prevent contamination. Like no stacking. It will push air out. Unstack them, air will get sucked in. This is a good way to have an otherwise sterile package be flagged as needing reprocessing as it can pull in contaminates. This is why these items must be stored in a controlled environment or be sealed in a bag.

Also, the company only certifies sterilization for a year(of course if the wrap is intact, it’s still good but profit margins).

And finally, Trotec says polypropylene is good to go for lasers.


It can be straight up unsterile and gross, as long as it prevents inhalation of specific trending viral particulates. :slight_smile: thank you!

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