Laser-made face shield?

Hi all,
In response to covid-19, various 3d printing groups have tried to mobilize to see if they can produce personal protective equipment that might be helpful in keeping medical professionals and others safe.

Actual face masks have proven difficult as their reliability is questionable – the ability to filter out microns through a breathable material is a rather tall order, and we can’t test all the different ways they could be manufactured.

Face shields, however, have a simpler ask – they block actual spray from even getting to the mask in the first place (you’ve probably seen them at your dentist’s office.)

Prusa has designed a 3d-printable version of the face shield. I sliced it up and got ready to print – nearly 14 hours, and it still requires you to cut a clear plastic component for the actual guard.

The thing is, looking at the design I bet it could be modified to be made on a laser – and WAY quicker.

I’m going to be trying a few iterations, if anyone wants to collab, please let me know.


(there are more… just the most recent ones at the top of this forum…)


Ah. Guess I’ve been out of touch. Thank you for sharing.

New to the Glowforge community and getting my Plus tomorrow, If you know something a newbie can do to help, please, please let me know. “Sam”

Put the file into TinkerCad then export it as an SVG file.

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