Another disappointing email!

it has been 3 years since I’ve waited to receive this item only to receive yet another disappointing email with NOT a “DO YOU WANT YOUR GLOWFORGE NOW” but rather a “WE DONT GIVE A #@# WHEN YOU GET YOUR GLOFORGE, SO HURRY UP AND CONTINUE TO WAIT” kind of email. I’ve lost interest in what to do with this. Who plans for 3 years with nothing to show for it? oh yea that’s right, ME!!!


I would definitely contact Support if you ordered three years ago. You beat out Dan and everyone else ordering by a year.


thanks!!! they don’t know everyone’s financial situation when people started jumping on this tech 3 years ago. Myself in particular I took out a loan because I saw endless potential on what to do with this. Now, 3 years later, after paying interest on loan I took out to buy this sh*t, I’m still have nothing to show for this with 3 years wasted on planning!!!

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Their are young children that do read this forum. Please consider editing the vulgarity of your message.


@jbmanning5 - did you just say young children??

I did. Pardon my redundancy.

well in that case please tell your kids to go read about something productive because this would be a complete waste of their time.


be careful he might be flaggin your posts…

i dont give a #@#$ about it, trust me!!! i just wanted to make a post about the latest email received last night. I’ve had enough people that seen my post and a comment or two is all i needed to get my voice across. so, he can go ahead and flag it. thanks for your opinion on this as well. best of luck!!!

I’m reasonably sure I didn’t say my children. That would be tough as I don’t have children.

@soytroquel : for the record, I didn’t flag either of y’alls post. It appears though that multiple people flagged one of the posts above. (It takes multiple flags to hide the content).


If you guys have time machines, just use them to go to the future where your Glowforge is waiting for you.

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We have been asked to flag profanity and personal attacks against others in the forum. Dan is a fair target. Everyone was being really nice about giving you the opportunity to edit the profanity out of the two posts vs flagging. There is still profanity in your first post.


@jbmanning5 my apologies but how did you know there’s children reading this?? that’s very alarming if you can figure that out based absolutely nothing on one’s profile hence my assumption that it was your children

I think we’ve found one of the children. :wink:


Dan has stated his kids read the forum. Others as well. Profanity is forbidden and members have been asked to flag it. Your choice.


Because I know other forum members here whose children have accounts tied to their parents Glowforge. Because I’ve seen references many have said about what their children have learned from the various designs that have been posted here.

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my bad if you found your way to this post!! i’ll edit it now that you’re here

Look, dude. The forum has a no-swearing policy. Personally, I think that’s stupid, a little swearing never hurt anyone, children or otherwise. (And I really wish people wouldn’t trout out that tired old canard.) But it’s not my forum, not my rules, so I at least blur out the poopie I post.


This is mentioned in the forum guidelines. Specifically:

Be Agreeable, Even When You Disagree

You may wish to respond to something by disagreeing with it. That’s fine. But, remember to criticize ideas, not people. Please avoid:

Ad hominem attacks.
Responding to a post’s tone instead of its actual content.
Knee-jerk contradiction.
Instead, provide reasoned thoughts and explanations that improve the conversation.

Also, this is, for some of us, our place of work. Please use the same level of decorum that you would at a workplace. For others, it’s a place we visit with our children. Please use the same language and care that you would if young ones are present. We’ve found that when we do that, what’s left is far more respectful and helpful.

@dan has mentioned that his school aged children read this forum, and I know of a couple of other forum members who have created accounts for their kids so that they can learn and share here. But really, none of this should need to be spelled out to a grown adult.


When I’m a guest in someone’s home, so to speak, I try to follow their rules. I might think those rules are stupid, but that doesn’t give me license to ignore them and act as I please.