Another Droid Panel

Slowly, but surely, the R2 project is moving along. But on those days when I’m just waiting around for something to be shipped, I still get ideas.

My droid will have a magnetic restraining bolt, like the ones in the movies. If things work out the way I HOPE, when the bolt is on, the head will move and it’ll make sounds, but when the bolt is off, it’ll be able to that AND roll around.

I’ve found two different design bolts, one aluminum, one cast resin. The cast resin one (left) is more screen-accurate, but I’m still messing around with the aluminum one.

I also had a “spare” magnetic droid holo projector eye that ended up being around 80% scale. Too small for a full-sized droid, but…

The question is, where do I keep them when I’m not using them…

Glowforge Ho!

Introducing the Astromech Restraining Bolt Recharge Panel:

And they’re attached - by magnets!

Originally I had thought “Ooooo… Blinky Lights!”, but there’s a lot to that, especially considering there’s not a lot of power available on that wall, and the droid will get priority.

There WILL eventually be colored “lenses” cut to fit the two holes, backed with aluminum tape (like on my previous panel - actually works pretty well) and some kind of cable detail I haven’t worked out just yet connecting those two holes near the top center.

If everything else works out and things ship on time, in 2 weeks or so there’ll be another entry over in the “everything else” category, because there’s not a lot of Glowforge stuff in a life-size R2-D2…


Never have I ever… been able to leave a project alone for more than a few minutes.

Yes, I was going to watch TV. Instead, I found a few more greeblies and some gold rub-n-buff for the place UNDER the bolts and…

And NOW I’m going to walk Gozer and call it a night.


:sunglasses: the distress is a nice touch.


Well, in the Star Wars universe NOTHING is completely shiny & new…


Added two “lights” (quarter-inch Fluorescent Green acrylic backed with aluminum tape) and now all that’s left is the hex bolts to mount it. So finished!(?)


Doesn’t sound like you got any sleep, but it looks great!


Since you mentioned it, sleep is overrated.

That being said…


Why am I thinking of a robot table of a Glowforge, or even a full 3d Printer built as a cousin of the R2 type robot. I would love to have your skill and knowledge to be able to make it real but can only imagine it at this point.

So start! My problem is just getting started. Once I start, the ideas come. And then you try things.

That’s how you learn…Thing is, you can’t really screw it up. You’re starting with your imagination, so there’s no “rule”. And if you feel like you screwed it up, add another layer, splash some paint on it, wipe it down with acetone… That’s my favorite part about weathering things!

On this panel I misted it with some hairspray to see what kind of texture it’d give it. It was taking forever to dry and I decided that I really didn’t like it, so I tried wiping it off… Now THAT ended up looking awesome!

Tried a fine-line white marker on those panel lines, but it was too thick - but when I wet a piece of paper towel and wiped it off to figure out something else, the white went down into the lines… Plus wiping the excess white away left more little interesting artifacts behind.

The edges looked a little TOO perfect, even after adding silver to show wear. But just one or two nicks in the edge with an exacto knife… Now your brain sees it painted metal instead of acrylic.

Start. If you don’t know how to do it, you’ll figure it out. If you DON’T start, you’ll never finish…

(Then again, speaking of never finishing, I added more wear and tear to the contact plates that the restraining bolts stick to…)


If I had that much working my 3D printer would be producing stuff and a long list of other stuff. At the moment I am finding out just how delicate I can make pierced wood and still have it work out. I just blew a whole sheet of cherry and found it is just a bit too delicate. If it had worked it would have been awesome, but not working I am kicking myself for wasting the better wood. Then again If I had done it in maple and it worked I would be mad I did not go with the cherry.

It is for the catalog, and the first pierced magic canvas lamp, and has other additions like mulberry paper and more. In this design the mulberry paper will be structural.

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In case you missed it, this became a bit of a “thing”…