Another Error Occured on Your Glowforge

try to print and after long time he bring me the error occurred message
cut and engrave on a 1.2mm cardboard - manually set

I think I’m missing something!



Sometimes this happens because there is a problem with the file. Try opening a different file to see if you get the same message. If you don’t, then the problem may be the file. You may want to share the file here (unless you purchased it) and someone could have a look at it.


Perhaps, if my say, English isn’t your first language. Sorry if that is a wrong assumption. That is a challenge in this forum. I can do passable Spanish, Italian, French and German.

The more details about your design the more we can help.

the error messages aren’t very helpful for sure.


Hey everyone
Sorry for my short message

Indeed it was a file from illustrator with a lot of open path, and at the beginning he was canceling the print because of that

Then I found a script to close it and it did well
SWP-35-A2 light bug

And now he generate this error

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I opened this file in Inkscape. In outline mode I zoomed way in and every stitch hole is made up of several line segments. I don’t know if this is causing the error, but this file loaded for me but quite slowly. Here is a magnified stitch section from your file.


Maybe it exist in illustrator a plug/script to simplified the file ?

Jean-Luc Berrebi

I don’t know about a plugin that would address this problem. It seems that every stitch hole is a polygon rather than a path.

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I used Adobe Illustrator to simplify the stitch holes.

I did this by selecting them all and using the pathfinder union tool to turn them all into a group of polygons instead of thousands of independent wedges. Then, with them all still selected, I used object/path/simplify to turn the polygons into circles with two anchor points each. Finally, I changed them all from having black fill and no stroke to black stroke and no fill. Perhaps the result will be useful to you.

SWP-35-A2 light bug simplified

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Very clear
Will try
Thanks so much

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