Another flask

Saw where someone was messing with flasks last week and decided to try. Flask is powder coated stainless steel. I think I will try a polish to see if I can get the engrave to shine a little more.


Very classy looking. :blush:


Yep! What Dave said! :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, what they said.


What settings did you use? I tried engraving on a flask and had no luck at all

The picture was my test run. It is actually 2 passes. The first was full power and full speed. That did not remove all the powder coating. I did a second pass at full power and speed of 550 LPI of 440

FYI - any discussions of non-standard settings needs to be in Beyond the Manual due to lawyers having heart attacks. You can post an “isn’t this pretty” in Made on a Glowforge, and then link to this discussion in BtM

Hi there,

Have you done any more projects with powder coating? Just curious what you think the best settings are? My cousin wants me to engrave his initials on his new PC knife. This is my first PC Project.



Sorry I haven’t done any more. So many things to try so little time.