Another fully vaccinated tidbit

Made some fun silicone bracelets to pass out to interested parties. I used engraving conditions found elsewhere on this forum (thanks @sarampriest!).

Color was added to the lighter ones using paint pens, then rubbing off excess with a damp rag. I got the bracelets from Amazon.

Oh, and I found out that silicone bracelets turn out to be dandy cat toys!


Wow, those look really nice. I had no idea that silicone was laser-able. Thanks!


Nice! And then you painted the letters? I just got my gf and I’m constantly amazed at the creative and talented people on this forum.


The words were engraved into the silicone, then the paint pen was scribbled over the engraving. When you wipe it hard with a damp rag, the ink stays in the engraved area but comes off the surrounding unengraved bits.

I’ll have to look for some paint pens! Thank you! Great idea!

Awesome work.
what brand Paint pens are you using? would acrylic paint work do you think?

Mine are called Thornton Paint Markers, but my understanding is any oil based paint marker, including the Craft Smart Michaels brand, will do. Don’t know about acrylic paint, you’ll have to try it and see.


NIce! I am going to have to try this. The idea of personalized bracelets is just too cool to pass up. Terrific job on those!

I did not know you could do this on the Glowforge. So freaking cool!

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