Engraved Silicone Bracelets

I’ve ordered these before but wanted to try making my own, just to see how it works. Seemed like a good time since I needed them for my kid’s school stuff. Had to scrub them pretty good with toothbrush and toothpaste (no specific reason for toothpaste other than it was there and I thought the grit would be helpful).

Settings were: 700/80 225 single, focus set to .47 even though it measured .27




Here’s the file for the little holder thing:



Got a link for the source? Makes me want to try them.

What was the smell on a scale of “roses and spring breezes” to “omg I think bigfoot didn’t wear deodorant today?!”


I’m not sure if these are good quality or not… they were the right price for amount for what I wanted to do (a few for school and enough to mess up). This is what I used. I have light pink coming for my daughter, they just didn’t get here yet.

I wasn’t standing directly over the machine, was standing at the table in the middle of the room, so I didn’t really notice much. I have it in my basement craft area and had the french door open on one side of the room while it was vented out the back. I smelled more char on my hands from things I was cutting earlier than the silicone.


Hmmm. Maybe I need to make some bracelets… Thanks for sharing the holder!


Those are excellent! Thank you for sharing pics…and the file for the holder!


Nice job. I got some 2 color ones. The black & yellow and black & red ones. The engrave cuts through the black to expose the later below. Soapy water with a fingernail brush worked fine for cleaning. People at work loved them.


How did yours work? When I bought them before when my daughter was little, the two color ones didn’t work as well as single color. Not sure if it was something the company was doing or what, but they sent a redo and then send solid because the redo was still bad. Possibly the two color you have is better? Would love to see a pic!


I’ll grab a couple of pics. I did notice that it seems to reveal the underlying color far quicker than it would seem in terms of not needing to go halfway through to expose the next layer. Washing it with soap & water makes a big difference too vs just alcohol or something.


Nice jig. Good work.


I was just thinking of doing this in advance of a concert I’m going to. Thank you for sharing your settings and the holder!


Do you have a favorite source for the 2 color ones that you’d be willing to share?

Amazon of course. :yum:

1 Dozen Multi-Pack Black ColorSpray on Red Wristbands Bracelets Silicone Rubber - Select from a Variety of Colors (Black on Red, Adult (8" 202mm))


TheAwristocrat 1 Dozen Multi-Pack Yellow ColorSpray on Black Wristbands Bracelets Silicone Rubber - Select from a Variety of Colors (Yellow on Black, Adult (8" 202mm))

No idea if there are better ones but these worked for me.


I’m still learning the ins/outs of the forum. how do you download the file? I see a preview of it, but no actual file.

Right click and pick “save as” and it will download and save the SVG file.

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Thanks! I figured as much. So. Many. Wristbands.

Here’s what an early one looked like - if you look at the edge it seems to be mostly black on the red. But if you look at the engrave it’s shallower than it seems it should have to be.

Not sure what caused the white residue.


It’s interesting… several people complained about the color rubbing off, but the two-tone ones obviously have color all the way through.

Yeah, they’re two layers that are apparently fused together.

I have to make a better jig than the one I hacked up - I figured I’d just try it and then just kept making them so I should invest the time for a better jig & design template so everything matches & I don’t get fails like this where I dropped it too low :slightly_smiling_face:

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That is a great share! Thanks for posting! I may need to try this!