Another fun Idea, great decorative potential



Apparently I don’t want to do real work today and keep chasing rabbits down laser cut holes. Found this in my wonderings. A really neat concept that could be dressed up and augmented a lot of different ways. Pressing flowers never looked quite so cool. (you have no idea how much that comment hurt me to say…taking my man card and walking to the shredder :stuck_out_tongue: Regardless, I could see some really neat design possibilities.

here’s a link to the blog where I found it: laser cut swag


Bah, man-card shman-card, life’s too short for pointless societal norms!

That is one sweet looking display system, I love it!! Thanks for sharing. (Also, I pretty much never want to do real work ;))


Ditto. Chuckle! People should never apologize for appreciating flowers. :slight_smile:


I’ll bet those would be cool with herbs such as lavender, rosemary, etc., with an appropriate quote.


I love this!!! thanks for sharing!!!



And, just sayin’, any kind of manhood that gets injured by flowers is pretty weak stuff anyway. You must have, like, actual manhood, that can survive pretty floral arrangements.


I Love this.

I think it would also be cool to do multiple clear layers and press different flowers in each layer. Maybe have all the inner layers really thin and one thicker layer on the top and bottom.


Including ones like belladonna? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I think that could work really well. The thicker layers to provide pressure and maintain a flat surface, and thin layers to create depth between the pressed flowers. I think I’ll write that one down some where.


One thing to keep in mind, flowers actually have a lot of “juice” in them. To avoid a messy appearance, you might want to pre-press them, maybe in silica gel to pull out the moisture.


Exactly what I was thinking. Thanks for sharing this!


Thank you for the post & for the link! That is a neat company.


@cynd11 Very good point.

I am excited to try this when I get my Glowforge. I am not sure of many flowers that will be around in December though. :snowflake:


You know…if you wanted to fish that man card out of the shredder…it doesn’t have to be flowers. You could always do a larger collage with basketball tickets, baseball cards, craft beer labels or caps, ads 4 motorcycles, surf boards, postcards, club tickets, stamps, team logos, leaves from a hike (avoid the ones that come in threes), ferns (they’re kind of masculine) and dried Shitake or Oyster mushrooms. (They’re just cool.)


LOL, maybe I won’t sacrifice my card just yet :wink:


Bah. You’re finding interesting living things, killing them, then mounting then so you can enjoy looking at them later. You’re basically just a big game hunter who chose flora over fauna. :grin:

"oh, you went hunting last week and shot an elk with a rifle from 150 yards? Well I spent nine days tracking down a ghost orchid, one of the most rare flowers on the planet - remind me again, are elk uncommon? I thought not - Then I killed it with my bare hands. I was so close I could smell it.

It smelled like victory."


It wasn’t effeminate for samurai to love flowers…


Elk aren’t attacking my yard, but wildflowers seem to want to make it personal. Kill or be killed I say!


I think if more men carried a woman card too, we would be better off. This is cool. Sunday we had the students out to my farm for some yard work, fresh air and free pizza. We were clearing a fence row and I was so ashamed to admit that I didn’t know the names of any of the wild flowers along the way. So proud of all the things I know that are useless. If you can’t teach children the names of flowers and bird songs that are all around you, then what kind of teacher are you?

Now I have a plan to press the flowers and at least know what grows on my little portion.


Beautiful! This is a great idea.