Another one bites the dust

Number sqrt(e) in a series of crowdfunding stories.

Sansaire Delta sous vide cooker
$256,804 raised from 1,314 backers in September 2016 ($169 from me)
Estimated delivery April 2017

What an impressive Kickstarter page! All those beautiful photos and bios of the founders. Lucas pursued a Ph.D. in theoretical physics. Valerie has traveled to all seven continents and will close out any karaoke bar. I own the original Sansaire, it was one of the first things I backed on Kickstarter. I still use it. They should have no problem making an updated model. Their required risks and challenges disclosure:

After successfully delivering the original Sansaire device to over 4000 backers in 2014 we’ve gained enormous experience. We’ve been working with top manufacturing experts, seasoned developers, and industrial designers to ensure the Sansaire Delta device is beautiful and works seamlessly. With any new device launch there still could be unpredictable issues that could cause minor scheduling delays in the manufacturing and logistics process.

Over the past 3 years we’ve vetted our manufacturing and logistics partners, weeded out the ones who weren’t performing to our standards, and believe we have an amazing network of experts, suppliers and manufacturing partners to bring Sansaire Delta to our Kickstarter backers.

The Sansaire team is committed to delivering the highest quality product, on time, and being transparent with our backers every step of the way.

How could it possibly go wrong?

First update in November 2016:" We’re on track to meet the Kickstarter backer shipment schedule (April delivery for 110V units and June delivery for 220V units)."

January 2017, it’s looking great. Photos of the machines, “the molds are all complete”, and they’re starting manufacturing in a few weeks.

February 2017: “We have made the difficult decision to delay shipping Sansaire Delta units until July for 110V and September for 220V units. We know that this is disappointing news for all of you.” What happened? “one of the molded parts didn’t meet our quality expectations”

August 2017: “Time to Hit the Reset Button” - “We hit a snag over the past few months that has challenged us in new ways. In addition to encountering technical issues, we have had turnover in our management team. While this was a setback, I am thrilled to announce we have established a new management team that is fully committed to Sansaire and to launching the Delta.” Lilac, the new CEO “is a charismatic, energetic engineer”. Geoff worked on nuclear submarines in the Navy and is a “Lean Six Sigma Black Belt”. And Lukas is spelled with a k now.

October 2017: “Build Completion and Testing”. Headline is slightly misleading. Lukas has been to the factory and they made 150 units for testing.

November 2017: a change of manufacturers. “At this time, we do not believe that we will be able to ship Deltas this year, but we are actively working towards a Q1 shipment. This is quite disappointing to all of us.”

December 2017. They are “pursuing alternative funding”. “As of right now, the new deal will likely be secured mid-January, pushing manufacturing of Delta to Q3 2018.” Lukas gets a new title: “To ensure continued progress and to prevent further deviation from the aforementioned plan, I have now assumed the role as CEO”

And that brings us to February 21, 2018. “Disappointing News” in full:

We regret to share that Sansaire will be ceasing development of the Delta. This is an unexpected divergence from our intended direction. We know this news is hard to digest and we are committed to keeping a dialogue with each of our backers for next steps.

To share our story, alternative funding, production lines, and the necessary engineering foundation were in place for the Delta launch, but ultimately, the factory and funding sources proved to be detrimental. In short, we have exhausted all of our resources and approaches for bringing Delta to completion. Our plan from here is to phase out operations by taking the next 12 months to support existing warranties and customer service.

Although coming to this point was a difficult decision, we could not have gone this far without you and your contributions. We would like to sincerely thank you again for being our partner. The sous vide category is bigger and more mainstream since our first Kickstarter campaign when it was an eclectic method used by diehard foodies and techies.

We will be reaching out to our backers individually with next steps and refund information over the next few weeks. Moving forward for all direct inquiries, we can be reached at

Co-Founder & CEO
Sansaire / Modern Chef


Sad news. I wonder what the real story is?

I have an original Sansaire and still use it all the time. It’s huge compared to my Joule but it’s also a lot easier to use.


I have a Joule and and Anova. Both great machines but for slightly different operations. The Anova uses a Coleman cooler setup with lid and does the heavy lifting on big/long cooks. The Joule is faster and smaller and I uses that for the short >4 hr cooks.

Its good theyre giving refunds - I honestly wouldn’t have expected that.

I wonder what went wrong. It sounds luje they had a lot of people problems, but if theyre just updating a previous design it seems like that should be a lot easier than starting from scratch, no?

Maybe it just wasn’t going to be profitable? It seens weird that they would say it being less niche is part of the issue.

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I have one of these and it works great

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I have the original & 2nd gen Anovas – both in use, but now getting friendly “competition” from the Instant Pot. :grinning:

36-hour short ribs are amazing and SV cannot be beat for making a perfect steak every time, but good 'enuf ribs in less than an hour are pretty good, too.


Oh, I also have an Instant Pot, sort of a Modernist Cuisine junkie… All are time savers and the foods amazing!

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If the Instant Pot is a joke, call me The Comedian!

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I’ve got a Nomiku (CEO is a friend) and I dig it, but our Instant Pot gets more use. We eat mostly vegetarian at home and the pressure cooker’s more versatile for veggie.

During a particularly slow-moving 3 hour production conference call, I made this:


I also have a 2nd gen Nomiku, and a Mellow. Sansaire Delta would have been the fourth sous vide device – a bit much.

For pressure cooking, we went with the Breville. Same thing, basically. It makes great rice in 5 minutes. I’ve been too tired to cook much lately. Can’t wait for spring to fire up the smoker again.


I have only one sous vide, which is just our slow cooker wired through an Inkbird temperature controller, but I have five barbecue grills.

(I should add that we also have six or seven slow cookers. I just use the largest for sou vide. :slight_smile: )

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and risotto in 20. without stirring. not as good as the slowly stirred version, but 80% of the flavor with 10% of the work.

i’ve been grilling again on the kamado lately. plan on kabobs tonight. but, to be fair, after snow on saturday it was 70 yesterday and 75 today. mother nature is a bit addled.

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Too funny, reminds me of being in conference calls washing clothes in my underwear and being asked “What’s that noise?” …

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I am also a cooking tool junkie. I have an instant pot, and way to many other gadgets, but I really need the weather to get better so I can return to my first love… the Traeger.


Yep, I thought two was enough, so I got this Tasty one Top . But forgot to check my cook-ware so other than the Cast Iron Pan, nothing else works. :sunglasses:

:grinning: I use the Big Green Egg to smoke stuff in the dead of winter - as long as the snow on the deck is lower than the handle I can dig out the bottom draft door & good to go. Just need to remember to put a foil rng on top of the gasket so the top doesn’t freeze to the bottom.

It does seem ridiculous to be smoking ribs in a parka but they’re sooooo good :grinning:


I grilled steaks on my BGE at 11 PM last night when it was below freezing .

Eating well requires commitment. :slight_smile:

(The steaks were cooked SV at 127F, then dried and seared for about 90 seconds each side.)

And I just realized I have 3 pressure cookers… The IP, a much larger stovetop Fagor, and a MUCH LARGER pressure canner, which I also use when I make big batches of pressure-cooked food. I can fit a whole Costco pack of wings in there, that’s 60 of 'em.


I have one of those too! Best chicken ever.


Ain’t that the truth!

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My original Sansaire is doing great. Kind of a crowded market now.

Might have to get an instapot though. Seems to be quite the gadget, although I am generally able to schedule around meals for timing, but since I don’t have a small pressure cooker at the moment, this might do.