Another organizer box! Bracelets and pins collection

Inspired by this awesome card tray, I decided to make some of my own to organize some of my collectibles:

Newbie first project (card organizer, Baltic birch):

The little half height dividers are perfect for keeping things from sliding flat!

One for my bracelets…just measured the little cards they come with and plugged that into the Inkscape box generator as the inside dimension. Added a little curve on top so it matches the style of my bedroom.

And a box for my pins…didn’t have some of the backer cards for some, so I Glowforged those out of green card stock.

And all three together (discovered I had more pins than I thought and had to make another one!)

Just a simple project, but I love being able to make custom stuff so easily! It’s Baltic birch, with some metal embellishments to dress them up a bit.


They look great! :grinning:


Very nice! I really like the customizations.


Organization is the key.


The boxes look wonderful.

And implementing a card catalog system sounds right for a librarian somehow :slight_smile:


And implementing a card catalog system sounds right for a librarian somehow

Ha ha! So true.

The next step was going to be making little divider cards with the theme of each set written on top. Too much? :grinning:


I had to stop myself from asking whether you went Alphabetized or full Dewey Decimal System on your pins :slight_smile:

I guess card catalogs are dead in most libraries now. Lots of actually fond memories working in the library as a kid.


Kind of adapted Dewey, now that I think about it. :joy: History and geography (country flags and travel), fine arts and recreation (Star Wars and Disney), literature (pins that say read and/or feature books like my Mockingjay pin).

Love those old card catalogs. I’ve been trying to find one for my house for years but they are rare and pricey!


Modified Dewey system makes me happy!

in many cases the card catalogs were fine pieces of furniture, so that is understandable.

I just did a search. Wow. I closed the search window.


Lovely idea and project! You should totally post a few pictures of your pins!


Great Idea for the Pins!

I put my Disney Pins on a cork board that I cut with Glowforge to display them!

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