Another Pro "In the Wild!"


It seems I too suffered from “missing handle syndrome” (ProForgeOne has arrived! FIRST PRO UNIT IN THE WIIIILD!)

One of the benefits of working from home was that it was easy to be here for UPS, and I could sneak off for a few minutes to print the all important founder’s ruler!

Now for the real fun/excitement to start!




Yay! Happy for you–have fun!


Congrats!! Waiting for your first project :sunglasses:


Awesome news!! Congratulations!


Oh congrats! Love seeing the Pro units finding their new homes! :grinning::tada::balloon::boom:


Boomshakalaka! Congrats!:raised_hands::fire::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Whooha! Congratulations!


Woot woot, congrats


What a fun week this will be! Congratulations!!!