ProForgeOne has arrived! FIRST PRO UNIT IN THE WIIIILD!


Hi all!

Continuation of this thread: PRO unit SHIPPING notification!

Just received ProForgeOne, what I believe is the first Pro unit in the wild!

Overall, the package was in decent shape:

Here, you can see one of the plastic handles is coming un-done. A few of the plastic tabs were cracked.

This side was missing one of the plastic handles all together:

@Rita - is it possible to get a few extra plastic handles shipped to me? I know that these will be needed if I ever have to send my glowforge back for repair/laser tube replacement…

Well-packaged with lots of high-quality foam:

A curious pug:

Only document provided in the box. Not to be nitpicky, but the print quality is actually pretty bad.

There she is! I did notice that my unit did not have the “sticker” on the right side of the unit… Wonder why not?

This is the sticker I’m referring to (image from the user manual):

Picture of the passthrough slot. It’s actually thinner than I envisioned.

There’s a rubber seal on both sides of the pass through slot:

Here’s the 2nd box, which included the dryer hose + clips & the jetblack crumb tray:

@Rita Also, I checked everywhere, and I don’t think I received the Pro safety goggles… The user manual says it should have been in the same box as the crumb tray. Any ideas?

EDIT: Disregard @Rita ! The pro goggles were inside the pro unit, right next to the power cable. May need to update the user manual, unless I was reading an out of date version…

All is well. I turned on the unit and everything started to light up and buzz! I was a surprised with all of the bubbling liquid within the laser tube at startup!

I started with the founders ruler. Before I could start the print, the Glowforge laser head had to callibrate. During callibration, the Glowforge made a pretty loud grinding noise. It did it a few times, the button would glow white, then turn off with each loud grinding noise. Eventually, the grinding noise stopped and it was replaced by more appropriate whirring sounds. I’ll upload a video of the grinding I was hearing later. Maybe it’s normal?

Printing the founders ruler!

Video of my print:

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for more!!!


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Oh happy day! :smiley:


Woohoo! Congratulations!


Congrats! That is a fantastic looking glowforge . Enjoy the weekend!


Congratulations!!! The anticipation has been killing me! :joy:
Perfect timing for the weekend! :tada: :squee:
Can’t wait to see what you make!


Fantastic! Congratulations! I can’t wait to see what you make with the passthrough!


Lucky! This gives me some hope that we’ll be seeing more pro’s roll out - and hopefully one of them will be rolling right to me sooner than later! :wink:


Nice! Can’t wait to see more roll out!


Congratulations!! Can’t wait for my Pro to arrive!


That’s awesome! So jealous of that slot and active cooling! Go forth and kick ass.


that looks super nice! can’t wait to see what you ultimately do with it.



Now to wait more.


Thanks for the thorough write up @adrianf


great to finally see a real pro in the wild. You must be very excited and can’t wait to see what you make of it.

That pass through slot though… will have to either find a way around it by laminating thin materials or I’ll want to open that up a lot.


Yoohooooo! So glad it safely made the trip! Wondering if you also received the slot brackets that block the slots, or are they coming later?


Yeeeehaaaa! Happy Proforging!

So now we are prepared for the new August update and to read “Good news! First pro Delivered! But i am sorry, i let you down…”


That’s supposed to come later


How sweet it is!


Congrats and have fun forging!

Nowbthatbibseebthe passthrough and how it is covered, I get the blast plate add-ons that screw in place.