Another Rubber Stamp, with support

Here is a stamp I just did. Was really pleased with the results.
FullSizeRender (1)
(All I had to test was an old dollar store ink pad)

Stamp is .75" across, the letter width in the “.com” is .010" ! The rubber I used was .060" thick and is a medium to hard durometer(I had it laying around)
I prepared the file in InkScape. I brought in my logo, changed it to white and put it on a black background, then I duplicated it (Cntl +D). Next I increased the stroke width and upped the Blur. I just played with it until it looked right, You don’t need much of a glow for support, here is what I ended up with
Then I resized it to close to what I wanted as a final output, mirrored it and exported it as a .png at 300dpi.

In the :glowforge:UI I mapped grays to power, min 0, max 70, 2 passes and 340 LPI Cut time was ~6min


Looks great! Loving the stamping possibilities.


Looks good. Thanks for sharing the details! A logo stamp and maybe return address stamp are high on my list of projects. I bookmarked this to review when I get to it.


That’s cool. I never wanted to do stamps before, but now I have a laser… is there a specific kind of stamp that’s laser-safe or known to work well? I need to add yet another item to my drawer full of things to vaporize eventually.


Being a cardmaker … I’m very excited to try my hand at some stamps. I could have bought a basic Glowforge for what I invested in card supplies in the last 1-1/2 years. Scary!


Here’s a link to Johnson Plastics, they have all sorts of engraving materials, blank items, etc. as well.


Hey@ptodd, I don’t know if you saw this, that I did back in May:

I used art stamp laser polymer (link is farther down in the thread), but the settings are no longer valid as that was before the low power settings.

I’m going to have to revisit all that soon. I suspect it will work a lot better, not only due to the better settings but also due to my having more experience.


That’s a great technique for creating support for the thin letters. (Added to Matrix.) :grinning:


Natural rubber is always safe. Though pricy you can usually find some on as well. And don’t let the “low oder” moniker fool you… :smile:


I did see it … but, going to re-read it. I will bear in mind that the low power settings have changed things. Thank you!


Really nice job. Thanks for the details. Cool that you were able to do that in Inkscape. It will be a good test of the greyscale.

Thanks for the inspiration!!! I’ve been waiting to try it since I saw your original post. I’m really impressed with the gray scale ingrave.

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An Inkscape user! Bless you! Why did you duplicate it and where/how do I create the blur? I am trying to make a 1 inch stamp with small text and need to support it. What settings did you use to cut the outer edge? I’m not quite sure what settings you changed in the UI when you say "mapped grays to power. Forgive my lack of knowledge…newbie here!