Rubber Stamp Lessons Learned

looks amazing, is it really necessary to cut that deep?

I honestly don’t know. It’s my first stamp :^)

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Dang, so nice and clean! Well done.

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Very nice job!

Now, if in the future you want to make stamps with really thin lines, keep in mind that you would need to create a greyscale image with a ramp to white (unengraved surface) so the base of the figure (next to the engraved area) would have some support. Otherwise the thin parts would wiggle when you tried to stamp them. I hope this makes sense.


It totally does. I’ve actually used the exact same technique to create what you just described. I didn’t post it here because it has a lot of personal detail, but it’s done without the type of gradient support you describe. If it wobbles when I stamp, I’ll try the greyscale ramp you’re describing and update the post. Based on Leahgee2’s input above, it may be that I don’t need to cut quite so deep as well. Nothing teaches so well as failure :^)


And for those who want to learn from other people’s experience as well, I’ve linked to posts below. Note that settings in earlier posts may not be applicable because of changes to the power settings over time. (Links to ‘Beyond the Manual’ do not display the same way as links to ‘MOAG’.)




In testing my real stamp (the one with all my personal details on it), I found it did wobble a little, but with even pressure it worked very well. That said, I’m going to cut another this weekend with the font bolded so the letters themselves are thicker. With this particular rubber anyway, I do not feel the gradient support is necessary. Your mileage may vary.

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Thanks so much! My next project will either involve rubber stamps or wood block printing. This is helping me lean toward rubber!

Well done! Just received my Glowforge recently and am interested in making some rubber stamps. What is the best design software for rubber stamps. Are there any tutorials available to help me get started?

Thanks so much!

Many people use either Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape. As Illustrator would run me $20/month, I use Inkscape.

Thanks for the info. Learning Inkscape now.

Thank you for the settings.
All worked perfectly!
2 passes are essential!

Made that to my sister in law to stamp her kids school books!

It says: “This book belongs to blah blah and blah blah”


Ooh! Like the spiral text! :grinning:


long thread with lots of info. What material and settings did you end up using?


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Hi there, I’ve used this material:

And used the settings he mentioned, worked perfectly.
For the engrave and cut I did two passes ! (the cut just to make sure) or you can try reducing the speed of the cutting part.


Power: 70%
Speed: 340 speed
Two passes

Cut :
Speed: 200
Power: Full
Maybe two passes.


I see that though it’s Chinese origin, they say item location is GB, and a delivery in three days.
Is that your experience, with a quick delivery ? I’m assuming your UK based because of the link !
John :upside_down_face:

Hi, It was around 4 days to be delivered! Didn’t take that long!

Thanks. I’m getting some now - good for stock !

What was the depth of the material used here?

Hi Lizabeta, I’ve used a 2.3mm

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