Another unit stuck on centering / scanning - is the only fix a replacement?

It seems like there are many units out there that are stuck on centering and or scanning…

I understand there are problems that crop up but this is a REALLY bad time for this to happen… We are loosing money each day/hour this unit is not running.

I have scanned through the forums to see if there is a fix and have tried everything:

I have:
cleaned camera, lenses and mirror
reboot modem and router
restarted browser, pc, GF several times in every variety of order
Cleared browser cache
changed between browsers
Left lid open for 30 minutes
Starting up with print head under camera, print head to the left and back, and tray removal
unplugged GF, reset and reconnect wifi
And yes, I have checked all 5 of the little black connectors on the lid…

A day or so before the scanning/centering freeze issue, we had an issue during the standard start-up centering/focusing/etc… process on the unit where after running through some of the start-up program, the head would slide all the way left with the carriage in the center. It would then look like it was trying to go back to the ‘start’ position in the back left corner and make this horrendous noise like it was stuck and trying to overcome some problem. It was VERY loud (not the light focus clicking) and the whole head/carriage would shutter and shake.
I read how others were having that problem and I turned off the machine and manually centered the head/carriage directly under the lens. This worked for about 2 runs and then the scanning/centering freeze-up. Now I can’t do anything with the unit.

I come to the GF community hoping someone out there have any ideas of how to fix this. Everyone has been so great in the past with info, tips and tricks… Is the only ‘fix’ a replacement unit?

We have over $2,000 of orders waiting that are VERY time sensitive which we will loose if we can’t get this up and running.

Thanks in advance!

It sounds like it might be getting stuck on something.

During the startup sequence on my machine, which I start with the head in the home position (left rear corner over the honeycomb portion of the tray), I usually get the three clicks while the steppers warm up and reset. Then the head moves into position under the lid camera. It might jog back or forth a little bit to center, then the pictures are taken and sent to Glowforge, and the print head moves horizontally to the left side of the bed, couple of jogs, another picture or two is taken, and the head then moves back to the rear home position.

I’m going to post a video of mine starting up so you can see it…it sounds to me like yours might actually be getting stuck on something when it moves to the left.

You would need to check the rails and belts, including underneath the laser arm, to make sure there isn’t any debris in there, or a buildup of sticky residue that might cause it to hang up. Also clean the top of the printer head so that the Glowforge logo is visible.

(Don’t know if that will fix it but it’s a place to check.)

Thank you Jules!

The shuttering issue stopped after I centered the GF head under the camera. It worked 2 times and I haven’t heard the shuttering either of those times. After those 2 runs I have not been able to get it to move at all. No matter where I start the carriage or head - back left (home position), centered under the camera or anywhere else, It won’t move at all. It’s now stuck in the centering/scanning.

When I turn off the unit and move the carriage manually, it moves smoothly with no bumps or anything. I did take your advice and cleaned the rails just in case - thank you! The top of the head had already been cleaned, but I failed to mention I did that. It still doesn’t do anything after cycling the unit/router/modem/browser… I had a slim hope, but nothing.

Because it moves smoothly when I manually move it, and it didn’t repeat the shuttering during the 2 engraves before the scanning/centering lockdown, I think it’s hardware/software and not mechanical…

Thanks for your time, help and reply!

Well, the folks at Glowforge can see more from the individual machine data than we can, so once they look at it, they might be able to spot something…good luck!

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Unfortunately, it looks like your unit is experiencing an issue that we can’t resolve remotely. I want you to have a reliable unit, so I’m recommending we replace this one. I’ll be in touch via email to sort out the details. I’m so sorry about the bad news.