Any advice on the surface to put your Glowforge on?

I need to get / build a new table to put my Glowforge on. Besides the weight and unit’s footprint are there any special considerations?


Me too. My desk or drawers are too small so will need to get/make a small workbench. My guesses are the unit would stick our a fair amount from a wall if I have to bend the hose 90degrees(no filter) so I might just spin my surface 90degrees and put the GF in front of the window

The related question is what are the clearance requirements? A std. (US?) desk is just under 24" deep, the unit is just under 21", is 3" between the wall and the back of unit going to be sufficient?

For one of my lasers, I found a TV console.for when TVs were heavy and bulky…lol
Works perfect…it even has a shelf to hold stock materials.

Depends on how you handle the elbow for the venting. We don’t know how the filter will connect to the GF yet, but safe to say that 3" probably won’t cut it there since it’s a standard 4" vent line.

If you are using it without the filter you can use a periscope-style elbow - those will work with 3" of clearance.

You want to use as few elbows as possible as that will restrict air flow. Best to be as close to your “window” as possible with a straight shot…
I have an industrial blower that pulls my exhaust up through a vent in the ceiling at my warehouse/office.

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Do a search to find these two topics…it has been discussed at some length. (I couldn’t remember how to link directly to the two posts) :unamused:

The size of the Glowforge

Dec '15 - I just found this photo, and it made me realize I never really knew the actual size of the glowforge until I saw this. @Dan for reference im gonna need a bigger desk. haha

Size Matters

Oct '15 - :wink: :wink: I have a tabletop that measures 36 inches long. The Glowforge is 38" long. My question is this; does the machine cover the entire 38"?.. is there any ‘overhang’? Are there feet on the bottom? The width is not a problem, but would like to know if there will be a problem putting the …

I like these stainless steel tables since they are easy to keep clean.
Il probably find the best fit and get one of these


Very nice table for the price. Can’t beat stainless for duability.

I will be curious to hear about your experience with the economy stainless tables if you go that route. I was looking at some a few months ago, and decided to go a different direction after reading a few reviews that mentioned poor packaging leading to dented and unstable tables. With my luck, I thought, I would certainly get the box from the bottom of an overloaded piles, and it would never sit straight. That said, there were also reviews that praised the value for cost and mentioned the tables (and sinks) arriving in perfect shape.

I have a huge one in my glassblowing studio, very nice for the price, I had no issues at all with dents or anything. It’s covered in glass now but il find a picture

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Hey @apix, do you happen to know if casters could be added to the legs? I need to move my setup around a lot.