Any and all advice on adding a Cloudline S6 external fan to my Glowforge Pro

I ordered the AC Infinity CloudLine S6 Fan. Ordered the “better” and “newer” version, but they sent this one. And I am not willing to wait another week to get it returned and another week to receive it back. I believe the only thing I would miss is the remote. That is just my guess.

For the ones that have an external fan, is there any advice that maybe you wish you would have done differently or known beforehand? That you would have done differently? I read where someone said that they had theirs come from the wall and go from the wall and go up and make a few turns before the line hooks to the external fan. I also see pictures where it’s just the opposite. For moisture barrier purposes. I am not sure how accurate or inaccurate any of that info is. But I just wanted to see if anyone had any advice. Big thankyou in advance!

Most of us have the fan as close to the exit to outdoors as possible. It helps prevent leaks by pulling the air through the hose. Others will say that using more technical terms, but that is the nutshell version. I suggest a blast gate at the back of your :glowforge: to prevent moisture and outside air from reaching your machine. It works wonders for me, and I live in a very humid place.


since I just installed one, I can give you some advice, @celesteprobichaux is right, keep it as far to the end as you can, i would suggest you get a 4" to 6" elbow if possible to both turn the vent right handed (so you don’t have that sharp turn with the hose / vent, and also it solved the step up issue, you SHOULD be able to get the parts you need at a local big box hardware store.

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I will second the importance of a blast gate to prevent moisture, that’s huge!


I think what’s been discovered over the years is that you almost can’t go wrong. Since you don’t have the remote, make sure the fan (or whatever the fan is plugged into) is easily accessible. I ended up screwing a power strip in to the underside of the front of my table so the switch is right next to the machine.
Also, remember that eventually you will need to either clean or replace your hose - so don’t make it so permanent that you’ll put off doing so (ask me how I know!)


I too, live in a very humid place. Nashville is HOT and HUMID. And I recently had mold in my machine! So that is the main thing I am trying to prevent! Thankyou!

make sure you set the fan to keep the humidity below 16% or just run the fan on low 24/7 when your not using the GF

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good advice! will do!

I’m not that far from you here in North Carolina. I only run the fan when cutting.

I use the free Glowforge Mounted Blast Gate design. It is air tight.

In the spring and fall, I very often leave my doors open, and have the lid of GF open and the (vivosun 6") fan running all night long, which draws cool air thru the house.

It’s so quiet, I often times forget to tell Alexa to turn it off. Happened this past week, when I went to use the machine after at least 2-3 days and when I opened the lid, realized there was air being sucked in.

The 6" by itself, near the end of about 30’ of ducting, keeps the machine cleaner than the built-in fan did with a 4" duct fan for the first couple of years.