Any Glowfolk in Pittsburgh?

Coming up this summer, I’ll be moving to Pittsburgh to get my Masters at Carnegie Mellon University! I’m super excited to make the move and start classes (tuition and rental costs aside, haha).

That being said, anyone here local to/familiar with the area? I’d love to hear about favorite cafes, restaurants, landmarks- you name it! I’ve only been once for a weekend visit to the school so the city will be all brand new to me. Can’t wait! :smiley:


I lived in squirrel hill for college. It was a great neighborhood. Tons of great little restaurants and shops. Carnegie Mellon is pretty close to there.

The strip district is awesome if you like to cook. Definitely stop by primanti brothers. Their food is amazing. The Andy Warhol museum is in Pittsburgh. Definitely worth checking out.

Take the incline up mt Washington. Amazing view. If you are driving in to Pittsburgh make sure you enter through the mt Washington tunnel. It’s one of the greatest tunnel exits/city entrances I’ve ever seen. It’s like finding a secret city in a cave.

Obviously check out a steelers/pirates game.

There’s a lot more I’m forgetting, but that’s a great start. Pittsburgh has cleaned itself up a lot since I lived there I’m sure you’ll have a blast.


Wow, crazy coincidence- I was browsing through apartment listings in Squirrel Hill yesterday! Good to know I’m on the right track lol. Everything you’ve listed sounds amazing, and makes me want to move even sooner so I’ll actually have time to properly explore before getting swamped by schoolwork :laughing:


I loved it there. It’s a predominantly Hasidic Jewish community, so a lot of really nice people, and Friday nights/Saturday mornings are really quiet. I lived in a giant house on the corner of Nicholson and Shady right across the street from wiz khalifas high school.

It’s surrounded by a few major streets which had amazing shops and restaurants all within walking distance. Forbes, Murray, Shady. It’s close to the interstate, close to campus, and has a lot of busses.

When I lived there Mr Rogers lived down the street from me. He would frequent the frame shop where my girlfriend worked at the time.

Let me know if you end up there! I’m excited for you!


Congratulations Steph! Good luck on your studies. I’m sure you’ll work your Glowforge into your masters degree somehow. And based on what you’ve shown us of your work already, it’ll be excellent. Please post pictures!


Watch out for PAT! Those damned buses go OPPOSITE traffic on some streets! No matter what, ALWAYS look both ways!


I can second Squirrel Hill. I also lived there when i went to the art institute. You’ll have a ton of things in walking distance, plus there is a bus way stop near by if you need to get downtown.

The drive into Pittsburgh through the Washington tunnel is still my favorite entrance to a city.

@takitus i actually worked with Mr Rogers at WQED for a short time after college. I was supper weird to walk into work and pass by the tree from the old set that was on display outside the studio. I also never got used to calling him Fred, you just wanted to call him Mr Rogers.


You went to AI of Pitt? I was there too! Awesome. What years? I was there 2000-2003

And yes, the entrance to Pitt through Mt Washington is amazing. I mentioned it above. I love taking people through it for the first time, especially at night! So incredible


This!! My whole life so far has been spent living in suburbia, where it’s pretty much impossible to walk anywhere and everything is a chain. Thanks!! I’ll definitely let you know when I find a place!

Heck yes! I intend to make as much use as possible out of my glowforge for school-related stuff! And hopefully for some money-making stuff as well :upside_down: haha

Whoa, good to know!! :astonished:

Sounds like a pretty popular place! Of course, with a name like Squirrel Hill, how can the neighborhood be bad? :laughing:


if you’re not that familiar with pittsburgh, you should practice the left:


Ohhhh the Pittsburgh left! I’ve been away too long. I really disliked the Pittsburgh left at first encounter, but it really is a cool courtesy that I grew to appreciate and miss when I left.

I wish it was a thing around here


Whoa, very interesting! Between this and the PAT it’s a good thing I’m planning on biking/walking/bussing most everywhere I go :joy:


They must have stolen the idea from the Atlanta drivers LOL


well, it’s not a super uncommon thing, but in pitt it’s practically institutionalized. ppl will wait at green lights for that first left-turning car to go. it’s kinda funny.


Cool, I was there back in 94-95 when they just started the CAMM program.

Was it still in the old building on Penn Ave when you were there or had it moved over on the Boulevard of the Allies?


It was the new building when I was there. The massive covered, heated porch they had outside was amazing, especially when it was snowing. It was almost like being in the hangar of a star destroyer. You could see the snow falling right outside the porch, but as soon as it got to the railing the massive heaters would melt it instantly. There was a visible wall there. I had some pretty cool professors too


I went to CMU briefly in the early '80s. I know Pittsburgh has changed a ton, but even back then Squirrel Hill was a pretty cool place to hang out. I would love to go visit one of these days, I have lots of “interesting” memories…


So basically, it sounds like a Squirrel Hill GlowCon is in order :smiley:


Watch out for the cabbies there - I’m pretty sure one of them stole my CC info when I used it to pay a fare.

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My wife grew up in squirrel hill, and her mom still lives there. We go up there a couple times a year. It is an awesome place.