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“Cooling Down” error. My room is cool - so I’m confused-why I keep getting this error. I use the GF Filter and have replaced it in past 9 months with a new filter. How long should a filter last cutting 10 - 15 hours worth of acrylic cutting weekly. I am venting out the window this week $ still having it cool down on longer cutting jobs. If a new replacement filter cartridge is needed then what does one do if they are out of stock for the forseeable future? UGH I hate that you can’t ever get parts.

Cooling down isn’t necessarily an error. Are you getting that AFTER your job has completed? If so, it means just that…that it’s cooling down. I’ve seen that many times.

Also, when you say ‘cool’…how cool?


68 degrees or cooler
Getting message during and after

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i have a little thermometer right next to the intake on the GF (front, bottom, right) to tell me what the temp of the air going into the machine is. if you’re not measuring there, you may not have accurate readings. if your thermostat is on the other side of the house (often on another floor), it may not accurately portray the temp of the air going into your GF.


Cooling is a report from a sensor in the head across several bits of cable and the connections. In the head is a fan that pumps air through the head itself and links there. So if there is something in the head that is heating, the sensor might well be measuring excess heat that has nothing to do with the room temperature. Or the sensor might be sending a false signal because there is a bad connection along the cables and connections.

The next time you get an overheating error shut the machine down and feel the head with your hand, If it feels more than barely warm then the sensor is reporting correctly. I was having that issue when the machine was put on pause, so my fix was not to put it on pause for more than a moment, but if that is happening to you on longish cuts there might need a deeper look.


Also, the exhaust fan can load up and reduce airflow. Get a quick glance at it by pulling the vent hose off the machine so you can see it.


Several months. 9 might be pushing it. Have you cranked the filter onob all the way up already?

Also double check that the air intake vents underneath the right side of the GF aren’t blocked.


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