Any (other) Pro peoples get their email yet?



So, in another thread, a member has stated that they received the much-anticipated notification email. Just wondering if any other pro orderers have seen an email.

I ordered on Oct 20th, and have not seen anything yet. Fingers crossed I will soon!



good luck. i’m not intentionally being a smartass (okay, maybe a little) but that person also ordered the very first hour; possibly the first pro order. so far no one has come forward to suggest they’ve received another email, but this forum certainly doesn’t constitute the entirety of the customer base.


I saw a post by somebody that purchased about 10 minutes later than the individual that got his email and they had heard nothing. I was also on the first day and am anxiously awaiting my email…:pray:t3:


I ordered less than an hour later than the one we know about, and I haven’t received the e-mail yet. I’m guessing only one batch has been released so far, and hoping I’ll be in the second.


yeah. i ordered a little earlier than that order i think but i’m international so i’m just going to meditate on the concept of patience. :smiley:


Yeah, I am in no way implying I expect to see the email soon (although I would like to) I am just trying to start a friendly discussion and see what others are experiencing.


Me at my desk since 6/30 staring at my screen and constantly refreshing Gmail, just in case the email came in 50 milliseconds after its last autorefresh…
(My order was on 10/10).


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Brian Regan: “Lousy In Little League”


I neglected to mention that I have a PRO ordered, but no email. cant’ recall my order date off hand.

seems like a couple years ago though. :slight_smile:


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I haven’t seen any mention on the forums lately of anyone getting the email, pro or basic, in the past couple weeks, other than the one person who conveniently got the pro email right on the predicted schedule. I know we’ve already gotten our July update (early), but the lack of new emails is starting to worry me and I’d love to know what’s going on. Are there recent mentions of folks getting the email that I’ve somehow missed?


Not that have posted on the forum. I’m worried some of the shipping issues have caused a little more delay myself.


Yes shipping seems to have ground to a halt nearly a month ago. I make it five people that have had emails as long ago as 12/06/17 but haven’t had a dispatch notification.


I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they have decided to make some changes to the packaging or whatever. If there is an interesting takeaway we’ll probably learn about it in time.


Based on a small comment Dan made about packaging in some thread, I think that they did a first round of shipments and then did an eval on how the boxes were holding up. I would guess that they are retooling a few processes to make the taped seams stronger and maybe are readjusting some foam, at which point they will pick back up. I sure hope all that comes together sooner rather than later, the wait it really starting to hurt now that some people are showing off what the forge can do.


If they’re not shipping because of a box redesign, I hope they’re at least continuing to manufacture and piling them up in the warehouse. :slight_smile:


You would hope so but they also seem to have stopped sending out emails, so who knows.

Do Flex have a summer shutdown period?


With the apparent slow down on deliveries (think of a turtle crawling up a steep hill) --> due in part to packaging concerns: Might be time for an @dan update! Nothing on the order of specific #'s / rate of production / other proprietary info --> but maybe the warehouse is filling up and packaging/shipping issues are nearly resolved.

Our collective resolve (founders and other pre-production purchasers) has been damn good in my estimation. But we don’t want to reach the point of exceeding STRATEGIC PATIENCE (or whatever it is called in dealing with the N Korean nuclear/missile program).

Have a happy and patient weekend all! :glowforge::sunglasses:


yes i agree in re slowdown due to packaging changes, especially as it seems like more packaging change comments were made to the dude on the tested podcast.