Any secrets, surprises or feel free to announce something :)

Hey @dan, @Tony and all you other hard workers.

I’m sure this last month has been awesome yet stressful for you guys. Loving the Laser Thursdays BTW, wish I could be there to join in!

Just a quick one to ask on behalf of the community, if any of you have a spare minute or two anytime soon could you surprise us with some news or “secret” features you have been holding off on(here’s hoping).

If not use this topic to tell us how your last month has been/what progress have you made. I know atleast dan has been travelling and I imagine there have been many interviews etc.

Ps. love the transparency, we are all just so excited to get our hands on our 'forges and want to keep the momentum going for you!


Seconded. We know all the glow forge folks are busy, and hopefully in negotiations to open up another production line or two to help with additional demand.
Some NEW news would be nice.
Are the Pro of Basics going to be produced first/together?
Progress on the software interface.
Is the button on the case finalized (I don’t care, but Dan keeps on about it)

In the middle of writing this I did read the Tested article

It addressed some of my burning desire for information on my investment.

I was surprised at the 2 year life of the laser with I am assuming is usage based, not open air time. Like a light bulb, right? I’m OK with the $500 cost of the tube, although cheaper would be better :wink: but it is another thing to factor in as a consumable when we look at cost/job.

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@dan has said pro and basic are now going to be produced simultaneously. Also he said the button is being changed.

But some news would be nice, seems to have gone quite quiet news wise

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