Any way to create a slight overlap at the starting / stopping point of a cut?

Is there a way to create a very small overlap (over-cut) at the starting and / or stopping point of the laser? When cutting acrylic, many of my items have a small spur where the cut started and stopped.

Any chance you could post a photo of what you are describing?

There have been some discussions regarding this - lead ins and overburns. Maybe search the forum for others’ solutions. I’ll take a look later when I have some time.

Yes, there is…I did it once…and damned if I can find it now. That was many many moons ago.
(I believe I determined at the time that it was just easier to sand that ridge down with a fine grit sandpaper.)

Wait…it was about circles…


After over a year of what has been too much burn through they finally have the software turn down the power as it comes to a start or stop Calculating precisely the power that gets through without the burn through is a variable issue at best. and likely not achievable with only a ten significant digit calculation if it wasn’t,

I think that if you just kick the power up a bit it would solve the issue,

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I’m sorry you hit a snag. Did the advice that @rbtdanforth and @jules provided help to fix the small spurs that were present at the starting and stopping points of cuts?

Don’t know if their suggestions will help or not. Now my machine, is stuck on the “centering” and “scanning” phases. I can’t cut or engrave anything.

None of the typical troubleshooting steps have resolved the issue.

I’m so sorry to hear about the issue with your unit getting stuck on centering and scanning. I saw that you opened and ticket regarding that issue via email and I sent you a response on that topic there. If the message didn’t come through successfully, will you please let me know?

Thank you!

Since we’re connected via email now and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.