Anybody made the Flask from JPP

I don’t think I’m getting something right…I could use a little bit of a hint

You might want to drop a little bit of a hint about what you’re not getting right, so people who’ve used the flasks will know what sort of hints to give you. Maybe a photo or two, or at least a verbal description of what’s happening?

Sure…I am having trouble with the settings…am I supposed to remove the crumb tray…I know my design is too big per their recommendations…I also know my cut depth is wrong…I guess I’m looking for guidance

If you search for JDS leatherette you will find many sources have been kind enough to share their settings. Here is one: Engravable Leatherette / Faux Leather from JDS Industries Settings

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sorry…I got this from Johnson Plastics Plus…so that’s what I searched for…JDS never crossed my mind…thanks for the push in the right direction!

In addition to your settings issues, it appears the emblem graphic is very low resolution. I’m basing this on the fact there are finer details in the text, despite much of it being burned through the material.

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If it’s more than 1/2" thick then yes, and you’ll have to prop it to get into the right range. Search the forum for “no math focus” for a handy tool that will help with that. Also search for “set focus” which will help you sorry it your focus issues.

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