Anybody wants to buy my Wazer waterjet?

I backed a kickstarter project for a “desktop” waterjet back in 2016. it is now ready to be shipped to me but circumstances change and I can’t have my toy…
I have received note that it should ship within 2 weeks, I believe I can still change the shipping address to anywhere in USA Canada.
If anyone is interested, please message me privately.
More info here:

PS I went through the forum’s FAQ and scanned the ToS and I didn’t see anything prohibiting this kind of post, but if I’m mistaken please let me know.


It sounds really cool but the price in the page tells me that I probably can’t afford what you’d want for it. :grinning: Good luck though!


I would be interested. Sending PM

100% interested PMing you

I looked at it a couple of years ago when I first saw them at NYC MakerFaire. But the cost of consumables kept me from pulling the trigger. Ended up getting a plasma machine instead. Love the waterjet idea though.

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Which plasma machine did you get?

Langmuir Crossfire Plasma CNC. I got it with a Razorweld 45A plasma cutter. Been cutting steel almost as much as lasering the wood :slight_smile:

But it’s another rabbit hole. Just added stuff for doing acid etching/coloring of steel and a powder coating setup including a 4’x30" oven. My indoor (laser) and outdoor (plasma) maker stuff is competing with each other for investment $ :smile:


Anyone has any ideas on how to arrange a transaction for this? Some kind of escrow service? Maybe paypal has a service for this?

Im making room in my kitchen right now, but how much is it going to cost to have the water faucets put in. The 110 is cool , your website is good the video highlight well. What is the sound factor , and do I have to worry about venting. How much is cut stone as it seem to be the only real expense.

I get updates from the Languir folks. So I gather you like it a lot?

Very cool tool. I’ve been doing lasers for years so the GF was neat but not earth shattering. The Crossfire let’s me do to metal what I’ve been doing with wood and there’s something more “wow” to something metal vs the same thing laser cut from wood.

I do a lot of test & trial the design at 50% or smaller scale and when I’m happy with it I move it to Fusion & rescale for the Crossfire.

I’m starting to play with metal dyes and colorizing with chemistry which is a new area of fun.

The laser is more versatile in terms of materials and engraving as well as cutting but with so much laser stuff out there the metal equivalent projects seem to be a step up.

Folks are already doing a fair amount of hacking with it - extending the bed to nearly double stock size, adding Z-axis control and even marking. The thing like to add is a plate marker so I can engrave as well.

Well worth the money. I put it ahead of the Shopbot in terms of usage too :slightly_smiling_face:


I will keep that in mind. Thank you for the feedback.

The garnet is the real expense, and because of the lower pressure of the Wazer relative to other waterjets, it will require more of it.


I think thats what keep most of is away when discussing the wazer when the campaign started…you pretty much need to order pallets of garnet medium if you want to use it much…love the idea and what it can do, but just to much waste material for me…

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Perhaps if you had fish tanks or a hand sand blaster (though you would have to dry it then)

Is the Wazer still available?

yes it is, please private message

Funny thing is that I get an email from Nisan from Wazer every so often just to see if I have any questions. Its a much younger start up company than GF. Out FREAKING standing customer service when I don’t even have to email them with an issue and get a reply!

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I had found a few gentleman who were seriously interested in buying my wazer, however I sent an email to wazer to confirm there is no issue with shipping it elsewhere, and shockingly they replied that they do not support it: basically they would not honor the warranty if I “transfer wonership”. it makes no sense, technically all they had until now was the email address associated with kickstarter, nothing actually linked my address or name to my machine. so I’m pretty sure that had I not asked them anything and just provided them with a new address no one would know better.
I’m also wondering if it is illegal to deny a rightful owner to sell his own equipment.

bottom line, I need to find space (as well as water access and 2 dedicated outlets) for a waterjet machine and a pallet of garnet.


You can sell the Equipment but you cannot sell the warranty. I think the same goes if you sell the Glowforge. Repairs and service follow but not the warranty. That is also, I think, why the value of your car takes a hit when you drive off the lot