Anyone else having problems getting wood delivered from Glowforge?

I ordered a small batch of supplies from Glowforge on February 28th. (order R565376371)

Pinged Glowforge support two weeks (!) later, and waited several days for a reply.

Then, four days after a note that they were fixing it, this:

I just wanted to follow up on your request for tracking information. I’ve reached out to our logistics team again, and unfortunately they’re still investigating your order. I wish I could provide you with a more precise answer, and I apologize that I am unable to do so. We’ll be in touch soon, once we have more information.

Is this common?

I’m not crazy about paying a premium for Glowforge ‘certified’ materials, but I don’t mind supporting them and it’s a bit easier, but if it’s going to take a month (and extra $) to get something I could get in 2 days from another source, I think they’ve got problems.

I hope I’m the only one with this frustration and that it’s a series of balls dropped.

No that isn’t normal, but I also had a delayed shipment around that time period.

Dan addressed the fact that they are switching providers in the March update, so that’s likely what happened.

Shipping Improvements

Some of you let us know a Proofgrade order didn’t arrive on time, or that your email with tracking information didn’t on time. Some of you had the same experience with your Glowforge. Some of you received Proofgrade that wasn’t properly packaged and arrived damaged.

We’re sorry for the trouble. We heard about these challenges, and we have been switching over all of our logistics and fulfillment to a new provider.


That sounds like good news, I really hope this new provider can figure out what padding/packing materials are and use them. Lot of my :proofgrade: damage was plain *#&$@ packing. The original pack was nice and shrink wrapped to prevent damage other shipments were 10 boards loose in an oversized box.

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thanks @Jules

a free tip to Dan and the team: if you know that you’ve got a widespread problem, go ahead and email people to tell them. It’s better than frustrating them.


I’m so sorry for this problem. You’re right, and nobody should have to go through this kind of experience.

I researched your order. I discovered that we made a mistake that was connected to the logistics and fulfillment provider switch that @Jules mentioned. Your order was, however, a more extreme case, where we not only experienced a delay, but dropped the ball on followup.

I apologize, and you have every right to be disappointed in us.

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