Anyone else having trouble getting to

getting some sort of proxy error. i know i can go to other sites, but i’ve gotten used to that interface and the plethora of settings.

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Seems jacked up.

Yes that’s the technical term.


You can set up a local version.

Honestly, it would great to add it to the GFUI.


Yes and no, I find I have to modify all the stuff… maybe because I am going for friction fits, but they give me issues.

isn’t that really an issue of properly setting the kerf number in there to make sure the fit is right? i often take a little piece (like two pair of opposing fingers) to test/check fit with material.

thing is, the options there seem better than the others i’ve looked at.

i may have to make a local version. especially if it’s down for any length of time.

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Yup. And if I’m going to do that, I’ll need to edit the file, cut test pieces, and go from there. Having it in the UI would interfere with that.

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good point. and really, the box file is a starting point. i pretty much always edit things at least a little bit. and the better i get at this, the more i mess with the file.

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Lately I build all my finger joints manually in Inkscape, I have finer control, and I’ve gotten pretty efficient. Lots of cloning and alignment tools and booleans.


I like the Extensions//Laser Tools// Schroff Box Maker addon.
I also have the Tabbed Box add on, but since bringing Schroff in I have not been using it.
IF you want dividers though, the Tabbed has them but Schroff does not.


it’s back

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ooh, it’s got a shiny new logo, and “Uneven Box” is new!


i haven’t used it again since it was back up. didn’t notice that! going to have to test that out.

I was really hoping uneven box would generate a box-joint/tabbed lid, but sadly it doesn’t.

the other two edges would be awkward for laser cutting. they wouldn’t match up unless you could create an angled edge.

it has a lid option, and recommends using same-height for the two opposing sides, and that works fine. It just doesn’t generate the box joints, or give any lid options.

there are plenty of settings one can enter that will give you a broken box, though, and this one would certainly be ripe for it.

don’t they all technically have a lid option? when you make a universal box, you can change everything. i just don’t know how you’d create a lid for an top angled box that wouldn’t look odd on top of it. at least not with just a laser.

They do it, but only with the one style of lid, which essentially turns the finished box into rectangle again.
Maybe this scribble illustrates what I mean:

… so I guess I want “slant-top box”. That’s what I had imagined when I saw Uneven side box.


You might make a request. The author is very accommodating. He added the save settings in the svg comments for me.


Of course this wouldn’t be hard to pull off manually… you’d probably want to spend a little time with sandpaper after the fact to make it more seamless?

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