Anyone else locked outta the Store? 500 Error Message

Aloha everyone. I know from searching that this is an ongoing problem - just wondering if its isolated or if others are experiencing it lately. I get the dreaded Error 500 when attempting to give copies amounts of money to the GF Store for the last 5 days.
Yes I know I can source materials close to home - but I have gotten totally spoiled with the consistent results of Proofgrade compared to the issues I have had with non PG. For me time is more important than saving a couple of bucks.
I have filled out a support ticket. Now waiting patiently to resume cutting…
30 AM


Placed an order about 30 minutes ago without problem. Give it a bit, and try again. Good luck!

Thanks but once you get this message it seems it requires support to reset it. Its not the store - its the User.

My buddy who I added as a user for my machine can also access the store… but he doesn’t get the founders discount - :wink:

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Also had the problem a couple days ago. Couldn’t complete the transaction without that error, over and over. I got around it by putting the items in my Cart, starting the checkout process and before hitting submit, going to the page where you edit your credit card. Don’t bother editing, save the non-changes and there is a button (can’t remember what it says) to continue the order. Completed successfully and the Proofgrade shows up today.

Obviously there is a bug, but it is what it is. This worked.


I’m so sorry for the trouble checking out of the shop. We removed the errors and you should be able to check out now. We’re investigating the problem. I’m going to close this thread, but if you see the problem again, please start a new thread or reach out to