Anyone else not able to upload images to Glowforge? Continuous errors for the last hour

Anyone else receiving error after error when trying to upload files to cut on the glowforge? I have not been able to upload for an hour. The forge shows that it is communicating to the cloud and is ready.

My browser is updated and current and has had no problem until today. I have actually tried in 2 different browsers and have restarted the glowforge 3 different times. No good! Still shows uploading file for over 5 minutes and then errors out. Ridiculous for a $6k piece of equipment that is basically useless right now.

same issue with me its so frustrating, and lots need to be done.

Seems like its an issue for everyone


I agree! If they want to hold the keys in the cloud they better have a better infrastructure to support it. I am losing money by the minute. NOT HAPPY AT ALL!!!


Same here I have reached out to support and HATE that we only have mon-fri support!!! I have cleaned cache, I have cleaned all cables, I have tried multiple files and cannot cut a dang thing. Im sorry many are having the issue but so glad it isnt just me!!!

Yeah, the no weekend support is an issue. If you are going to charge $6k for a machine,then you should support it 24/7. I will definitely be looking to replace this machine I have only had for 3 months with another option, and I won’t recommend this machine to anyone who asks. Which has happened several times in the last month.

Time to look at other laser cutters.


I can’t even log in to the community right now, either. And every design I try to upload gets an error message. I am beyond frustrated.


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I don’t know if it is a cloud issue, but I’m getting an error mesage. That says something like, “An error occured on your GF. Please refresh your browser before printing. It may help to turn your GF off and then on again”. I’ve done both of these . but I get the same error. This is a new file, if I open an existing file it loads fine.

Its a company server issue. Multiple threads going on right now about this. Not your machine, definately them.

I tried uploading one of their images form premium and received an error message. its not an issue on our end, its them…

A GF tech replied in another thread. They’re working on it now.


It is definitely a cloud/server issue on their end. The stored files on their servers work fine. There is apparently an issue with uploading new files to the cloud, to then pull them down to the machines.

It is an issue they NEED to fix and ASAP!

It is now acknowledged on the Glowforge Status page

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Same problem…and can’t blame premium or not premium.
I paid for a year of premium, and I’m only a few months in.
Yesterday I uploaded (successfully) some of the cute Glowforge artwork ghosts and all good.
Kind of fun actually just to play for a little while.
Today, if I try to upload any of the items from the “Add Artwork” library, it indicates it’s adding it.
But then it either outright bounces me out of that New Blank Design and completely back to the Dashboard, or…
It gives me an Error message that says:
An error occurred on your Glowforge. Please refresh your browser before printing. It may also help to turn your Glowforge off and then on again.
I’ve refreshed my browser.
Changed browsers.
Turned off the Glowforge for 5 minutes.
Changed computers.

Any of my pre-existing design files that are already in my Dashboard pull up fine (yay).
It’s just the Glowforge upload function that is not working for me.
I cannot upload any of the onboard Glowforge “Add a file” items, nor any files on my PC that I used just 3 days ago without a problem–same error.
If it’s not already something saved into my Dashboard, I cannot upload it.

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Thank you for sharing.
This is my first time posting a problem, and it is a learning curve.
Kinda glad actually it is a Glowforge server/software issue…
and not our machines :wink:

Yes, it is nice we don’t have to box a machine up and send it back. That would just be salt in the wound. But there are those that are or plan on using these machines to make a living and they are losing money by the minute. That is still an issue…

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Seems there’s in inverse relation to our need to have the up time and when there’s a crash… very frustrating. As the cloud can be–few years ago had issues and pinged the signal from my house to the GF (so long ago I forgot how you do it), and it was at least 21 different locations/servers involved. A problem at any one location or one of the big server farms will bring the cloud down… So not just a risk with GF.

And with that, if you’re truly relying on the GF as income generator, you need to assess the risk of the down time and “what ifs” and consider other options, too. I love my GF, it’s a fantastic tool with great features that I utilize in my business–but there are also inherent risks… such as experiencing right now, and the achilles’ heel for the system.


Yup. And some people might want to get the backup power generator ready, for when a storm takes out their electricity for hours or days. And flood protection for those basements and garages. Tornadoes and earthquakes. There could always be something.