Anyone got their Pro in UK/Europe?

I placed my order 21/10/15, got my Golden Ticket 13/03/18, had UPS Choice tell me of Proofgrade delivery on 16/03/18 and delivered 19/03/18, now total complete silence from GF & UPS Choice.
Yet I read about other European deliveries of the GF coming a week after the “Gift”. I have read posts from a UK Basic buyer who shares the same dates as me but he got his GF tracking info a few days ago.
This last bit is even more frustrating than the 2.4 years. Just trying to find out if I have slipped through the cracks or if other Pro owners are in the same boat?
Also have recent deliveries had the value reduced to compensate for the Proofgrade gift?
If so, how much as it should really be the full $217 that we are charged duty on, not the $150 value they declare for it.

Just an observation based on other posts about golden emails vs actual delivery. Basic and Pro models do not follow same guidelines. I believe they build batches of either model and send that batch out to the people who reply yes to email. So it’s more like two wait lines one for basic and one for pro. That is why they allocate up to 6 weeks to actual shipping date not actual delivery date. But it should be soon.

Actually recent posts refer to Basic’s being backordered until June, but Pro’s are this week.

Is that international basics or US ones? Don’t forget there are now four models.

Not sure, would need to find the thread I read it in.
Just really trying to find out if anyone else’s dates match mine or not and if they have their GF or not. I wonder if its connected with the Class 4 classification being specified as not for domestic use.

I got the following:
07/03 - Golden email
13/03 - notice that proofgrade was shipping
13/03 - UPS delivered!
16/03 - notice that GF was shipping
19/03 - GF delivered - but smashed :frowning:
20/03 - GF confirmed it will be replaced, but no dates
26/03 - still no word on when it will be replaced :frowning:

That must be even more frustrating that not having it at all @sqw
Thanks for posting your info, just trying to get a picture of whats happening, things seem to have ground to a halt again for UK/Europe units.

Hi, thanks for the link. Got the email on 16/17 March (early hours of 17th for UK but 16th in US). Already signed up to UPS so found out early about PG materials being shipped. PG Materials received 22/3/18 having already paid the fees of Government charges: £31.46
Brokerage charges: £11.25
Freight charges: 0.00
VAT: 0.00
Since then heard nothing at all. I’m waiting on a Pro.

Hmmm, the few times this has happened before the replacement unit has been sent out right away. This really sucks.

For everything else, trying to predict the glowforge shipping schedule is like trying to predict a random number generator. It’s not right, but it is what it is.

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9th March replied to GF email to request delivery.

15th March the proof grade materials turned up, received my proof grade parcel before I had the email (17th March) to say it was on its way. Cost me £42.47 in import VAT.

Then tray and ducting parcel turned up on the 16th March didn’t know about that as didn’t receive an email notification.

On the 20th March received the email to say GF on its way with tracking number. GF turned up on 23rd March 17:45. Cost me £709.12 import VAT.

Seems to all be in one piece, nothing smashed from what I’m able to see. However haven’t fully unpacked it yet due to my schedule. When the box did arrive 3 of the 4 plastic handles [which we’ve been informed to keep] were missing from the box just one remaining. I have messaged @bailey to feedback, but haven’t heard anything back yet.

May the Glowforge be with you!


Thanks for your reply @Damsk, if my schedule matched yours my GF would turn up tomorrow! But as UPS Choice doesn’t list any parcels for me it would definitely seem that shipments have slowed down again.

You’re welcome @glowforge22 you should receive your UPS tracking number in an email from GF. Then you see the progress right from GF to your door, all pretty accurate. Wishing you well with it!

For the Proofgrade I actually found out about the shipment direct from UPS Choice well before GF emailed me. Anyway, thats another working day and no notifications, so they are definitiely taking longer again.

Alright @glowforge22. I can also confirm I took delivery of a Pro today in Scotland. Not managed to actually print anything yet as I am having a few issues ( after>2 yeas another little while longer wont hurt) but on the plus side it it arrived in one piece :wink: …and I have managed to sort out 2 out of 3 issues I have ran into so far. Hopefully you get yours soon & will be up & running quicker than me…LOL.


If it’s a set up issue, the good folks here may be able to help with some suggestions rather than waiting for support via email.

Cheers @jbmanning5. I got it running last night by reading about some of the issues I had in the forum. I can imagine Tech support are swamped right now. I was thinking of posting the issues that I ran into & how they were resolved, it might save someone else some trouble in the future.


Glad it arrived safely for you @Dougie and that you have got past your setup problems. Can you confirm your dates for us all, Purchase Date, Golden Ticket, Proofgrade etc please.

Hi @glowforge22,
No worries, here you go.

Purchase date 19/10/15
Golden Ticket 09/03/18
Proof grade 15/03/18
GF Pro UPS tried to deliver 22/03/18 but due to work I had to re-arrange for 27/03/18

The tax was less than expected I was thinking nearer £1000 but it was £690.40 although my initial calculations included the filter so will need to wait and see on that front.

I hope you get yours soon. Keep us updated. Cheers.

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The Pro production line must have slowed down as I got my Golden Ticket 4 days after you, the same for the proofgrade, but UPS Choice doesn’t have any listing yet for another shipment so its certainly going to be after Easter at the earliest.

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I think there is only one line and it switches between products depending on demand and availability of parts.