Anyone have a good board organizer design?

I am looking for a good design for a proofgrade board organizer (the smaller boards). Im thinking of a vertical storage rack of some kind. Ideas?

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Generally, people recommend laying the materials flat, it seems to help prevent warping. To that end, I recommend a flat file system. There are a few, from a (relatively) inexpensive IKEA option (the ALEX)

to a traditional metal toolchest:

to my personal favorite, an architectural flat file cabinet, something like this:

I found my used flat file on craigslist for $100, an outstanding deal. It stores every material I could want.

What all of these solutions have in common is that they’ve got lots of shallow drawers and are enclosed. There have also been some good solutions using shelving systems.

Here are a bunch of threads to look at for more inspiration:


There is this Ikea version that looks great.

I also have seen someone just use the multiples of the top part of that stacked to allow material storage in between. Much sturdier but possibly overkill.


My GF still sits on there and I have the rest of the shelves stacked completely full. I’ve now added metal shelves because my stuff doesn’t fit, but the Besta cabinet and shelves are very solid.


There is also:


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I have had issues with humidity and critters so I have some of these…

Check many sources for price.

They can be stacked on top of themselves or each on a shelf. If you have a Pro you can get 18x24x1/4 inch ply and make a quick and easy stack of shelves to put them in so getting to the bottom of the stack is easier.


That’s a nice drawer system. Can you go 3 wide on proofgrade in those drawers? Or is the 37" width a bit too tight for that?

Mine’s a full 48" wide so yeah, and then some. but then I don’t deal much in proofgrade, so mine’s full of hardwoods and whatnot.


I recently moved my inventory to a baker’s rack. I use sheet pans for shelves: upside-down to fit two stacks of 12" x 20" boards side by side, or right-side-up for a single stack or smaller pieces like scraps. I’m loving it, but it’s heavy and can be difficult to wheel around.

Oh, I should mention that this is in a climate-controlled room in Southern California; humidity is not an issue here.


MDF sucks up water out of the air and is thicker and harder to cut than fresh stuff. A problem in Florida is “drywood” termites that found their way into a previous place I lived. Unlike others they don’t need a path underground and so can be in any random piece of wood, so a very nice bit of wood lying about can be triggering for me. California is too dry.

I bought several sets of rollers on Amazon and put them on 18x30x1/2" plywood and built shelves on that. I love that baker’s rack! I think if I were starting from scratch everything in the house would have rollers!


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