Anyone have an SVG for wood grain?

So I have some mdf, I want to make it look like wood planks for textured like wood. Can this be done using a glowforge?

Im on a time crunch, but its not absolutely needed, just a want. I could actually get wood, but I have this on hand.

Wooden Textures (302.1 KB)

It’s not great, but it’s what I have

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@jbmanning5 made one from a photo I posted one time…let me see if I can hunt it down.

Oh, I was thinking he posted the pattern, but he didn’t. Here’s the post, anyway, in case you want to see how it looked:

@ElsieH has woodgrain on her gingerbread log cabin - not sure it was from the :glowforge: but it might have been!

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Nope, I rolled the dough on a texture mat before I baked it. So no wood grain engraving on the laser. I did engrave a stone pattern for the chimney though.


All I did was engrave the picture, I think. Don’t think I did any actual editing. All one needs is wood grain picture and you’re good to go.


10 Minutes in the lumber section with your phone camera, and you’re set!

Well it took 2.5 hours, but I am surprised by the result:


For an unlimited array of wood textures and so much more you can create anything with this…


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