Anyone have any settings for mirrored acrylic?

I just got a couple of pieces off Amazon. Trying to speed up the settings process. Also is there a chart that shows the settings for proof grade material to use as a jump off point?


Just test it.

Works for any material, you’ll never need to ask for settings again.

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Just pick a close proofgrade material say like any Medium acrylic for 1/8" material. The GF app shows you what the proofgrade settings are.


Thanks @evansd2, I saw the earlier post and thought I had looked at your included files. And thanks @mpipes too, I have not used the machine much and even less proof grade material I didn’t realize it. I went looking for but missed it. Thanks!

I am trying to do something to some koa i have and i pulled this up to see what works best. I have to admit to not understanding what to do. When I imported it into GFUI, it comes in as one piece. so how do i assign speeds and powers to each individual element? I brought it into inkscape and tried ungroup but nothing happened. Help?

The template cut lines should be all in different colors. If they’re different colors, they are different steps to the UI, so you can set them there.

I actually just replaced the template with one that improves on it in a few ways, makes it more clear which cut setting goes with which cut.