Anyone Having Engrave Issues Post Design Updates?

I don’t want to do a formal support request if it’s just carryover from the issues earlier - I just tried to do some engraving and the printhead goes as normal, and even provides a bit of dotted engraves along the way, but not even noticeable unless you’re looking for it.

This is after I just successfully completed a set of engravings and started my next round, but this is a week-new (replacement) machine so of course there’s uncertainty there.

Also, in terms of the tube firing or not - I’m able to complete a score and the quality and depth looks unchanged.

Thanks friends!

Update: Now I’m not getting anything from any setting, custom art or pulled in from the library. Going to get that support ticket going I guess. Ugh.

Support ticket is already going. Posting here (in the problems and support category) triggers that. So they’ll be along as soon as they get to it in the queue.


You opened a support ticket by posting here. You might want to post photos of what you are saying as well.

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Mine won’t do anything either…Now it’s saying something is up with the air assist fan…It’s slowly falling apart. I don’t work my machine very hard so this really sucks to have a $6000 paper weight.


My name is Mercedes and I’m part of the Technical team here at Glowforge and I’ll be helping you troubleshoot today. Since I’ve already gotten you a solution via email, I’m going to go ahead and close this forum ticket.