Anyone out there willing to cut two sheets for me?

I bought a really cute halloween Advent Calendar (Haunted House) not realizing two sheets would be too big for my Glowforge Basic.
Id need someone who had a high end Glowforge to cut me two sheets. Anyone willing to do that?

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You could cut them to size with a hand saw, skil saw, jig saw, table saw or band saw. Surely someone you know has one of those you could borrow.


I think OP means that 2 sheets of design file are too big to fit in the available cutting space.

@busterboe is it possible to separate the elements on the two sheets that are two large?

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That could work except for the scoring on the pieces. My husband suggested scaling the whole project, but , if I’m correct, that would change all slots and tabs. There’s like 10 - 12 sheets that would have to be edited back to 1/8” plus kerf.

Yes, Ekla, I did separate the pieces to sheets of their own.
I often go through a file, put pieces on the page then group those items as a sheet as a quick way to print/cut at a later time. It was as I was doing this that I found there were several pieces that were going to be to big for my particular machine.

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Ah, got ya. My bad.


All Glowforge models have the same work space (~11x19.5").

If the “too big” shapes are less than 22" in size, you can do them on your Glowforge Basic.

Cut them in half in a design program so that it’s two jobs that individually fit on your bed.

Open the lower front door of your Glowforge, tape some magnets to the door sensors so it doesn’t know the door is open, and slide in your oversized piece of wood. Cut and score the first part, flip it around so the other half of the wood is now in the machine, cut and score the second part.

Do part 2 at 1 power so it only marks your masking tape to make sure the two parts are lining up right. Once you have it positioned perfectly, run the job with the real settings.

This is basically how Glowforge Pro owners did all oversized jobs before the Pro Passthrough software was added a year or two ago.

Of course, running the machine with the door open is done at your own risk, just like a Pro owner using their passthrough slot. Block the excess opening with a towel or wear protective eyewear.


I’ve been reading about that procedure. Scares me a bit. The pieces are 21.65” so they meet the criteria.
Not sure I feel that confident yet with the glowforge to do an open door. Thanks for the details on how to do it!

You’re just about at the edge of what would fit diagonally - are your long pieces narrow? Have you tried rotating them?

I haven’t because I was trying conserve wood but I’ll try that.

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