Anyone recognize this file?

Does anyone recognize this file by Ben Gatien? I saved it wanting to do it and for the life of me can not remember what it is!


ipad stand.

I’ve made two, one for my house and one for my parents. modified the file to fit an ipad with a thick case, increased cooling, and for access to the charging port.

there should be another page with the sides of the case, the angle-locking “key” and the base.


Ben Gatien is @polarbrainfreeze in this forum.

Here’s the link to his original post:


Thank you for reminding me to take better notes on things I stuff in a folder for another time.


exactly my thought!!! Oh I want to make this.and then the next day…what in the flip flop is this? And why? Why do I have it. There had to be a reason. I have about 40 more just like this. Maybe I should start 40 more forums. hmm. haha.


Thanks guys! Ya’ll (with my 1/2 Hillbilly 1/2 Yankee drawl :rofl: ) are ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS so much help! And I am always so greatful!


Thankyou, THANKYOU! I couldn’t decide on material the day I was going to make it, and ended up running out of time. Then the next day I was able to get to my office, I couldn’t remember what the heck it was! There are just too many genious’ on here with so many Awesome files! Not complaining! Not the least bit! I love it!

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