iPad Holder


My kids use an IPad as a TV a lot. And they often prop it up in some precarious way. So I thought I would make an iPad holder for them.

Here are the cut files (right click to save them).

It is designed for 1/8 thick material. And it should be assembled using glue.

I made the right side a little wider, so there is room for decorations, or a logo, or something to customize the look of the holder.

I made the hinge at the back so that you can change the orientation and angle of the iPad. There’s a “key” you insert that holds the hinge at different preset angles.

I’m hoping the “key” is enough to hold the hinge in place securely. If not, there are also holes, where you can insert a size 10 bolt and use something like a wing nut to hold things in place.

I tried to keep in mind the location of all the buttons, speakers, cameras, ports, etc. on the IPad and have easy access to them.

I made the holder thick enough to accommodate most thin cases. You should be able to put the iPad in the holder with the case still on (and the case cover would just drape over the hinge at the back).

This is just a model at this point, and I’ve not created a physical object out of it yet. I’d love some feedback on the design, both from an aesthetics and functional perspective.

I have very thick skin when it comes to feedback, so please be honest and don’t hesitate if you have negative comments or suggestions for improvements.



Cool design! Clean.


Looks like it would make a good POS stand, too. Nice work.


I assume you mean Point of Sale?

At first, I thought you meant the other POS meaning (see #1 at http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=pos)


Awesome design!! I think I need one…lol. If you dont mind…can I try it out?


I love it. Great job. I think I need one also…


Very cool!


i’ll take a look at building one for you next week if you’d like. It’s a cool design and I like the personalization space - perfect place for a name or warning about watching too many Netflix videos at once :slight_smile:


Wow! And again, you have more talent in your pinky finger than I could summon from my entire body. Do think you could spare me just one pinky finger? :wink:


My kids use small ear buds when watching videos. You could add a small dowel to the extended end to hold them? Just a thought.


Ha! Sorry - definitely meant Point of Sale! :grin:


Interesting idea. Do you mean to hold them when they are not in use, or when they are in use? I’m not sure where you were “seeing” the dowel. Is it sticking out the front, side or back?

I’m trying to stay away from having to use 3rd party materials (like dowels), except glue. I could design an earbud holder that is attached to the back. Something you either drape the earbuds over, or wind the cord around. I’ll give it some thought.

Thanks for the idea!


Great design and it looks as if it will be easy to tweak for other tablets.


Yeah, I tried to use parameters in Fusion 360 for the height and width of the tablet. That way, I should be able to tweak the design just by changing those parameters.


Thank you so much! This is definitely one of the first things I will cut when I get my toy!


I’d love to see how it works in real-life. If you have the time I would really appreciate it.



Great! When the time comes I’ll be asking for a link as I am using fusion 360 as well.


Oh I just looked more closely at that…the iPad slides in? That is awesome.

Had you given any thought to modifying that into a “bedtop holder” - cause I prop mine up against a pillow… not a tremendously effective tool to use. Maybe just a broader base…

Great design!


No problem. It’ll be fun :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll prep a file tonight while I’m running another project on the laser. Once it’s done we can trade addresses and I’ll send it to you. I’ve got to get my submarine project out this weekend and then I can toss this to the laser and see how it works. We’ve got a couple of iPads I can use to test it with in case it needs some tweaks.


Looks sleek from the front and very cool from the back! Nice work!