Anyone Selling Their Already Delivered Glowforge?

I just learned that the quickest way to get your hands on a Glowforge is NOT waiting for the one you ordered. The quickest way to get your hands on a Glowforge is actually to buy someone else’s Glowforge! Crazy, but true!

I’m not talking about buying a spot in line. I’m talking about buying a unit that has already been delivered.

So, anyone have an already delivered Glowforge for sale?
If you do, please list whether it is a basic or pro, how many hours of laser tube time you’ve used and what your asking price is.
Thank you!

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I know that this is somewhat like saying the best thing you can do for your health is to chose your parents well but ordering the first day or soon after is the fastest way to get one.

That said, good luck. Mine will not be for sale when I get my forever unit. Mater of fact, I’ve only seen two sold, there are probibly more but that is all we know about.


Its generally true of everything that not waiting is faster than waiting :slight_smile:

There was someone on reddit selling theirs a couple of weeks (or maybe months) ago, planning to get it shipped directly from glowforge to the new buyer. I dont recall if they found a buyer or not. I wonder if you’re more likely to find units for sale on other sites. I mean, everyone here owns one, technically. If I were selling my imaginary one, I’d do it somewhere not full of buyers. Whereever that place is, that’s where id look for someone selling.


I’m thinking…

I would seriously consider at this point in time an arrangement, with a markup to represent the line jump value with a contingent contract that would allow me to exchange with someone who has to wait until March or April for theirs. Let’s say, I’ll rent you my low tube hours Glowforge for $100 a month to full ownership, as long as you give me your brand new Glowforge when it ships.

Substitute “Glowforge” for “hamburger.”

I’d seriously consider it, but probably would not be able to manage the contract well enough so that it avoids a train wreck.

Nevertheless, it is certainly a perfect time for supply and demand economics to shine and identify the leverages at play so that folks get what they want sooner or with added value. Good luck and may the odds ever be in your favor.


Pro, slightly used (less than 50 hours), filter to come. Would consider bids starting at $12,000 US. (I’d have to get back in line at the very back, after all.)


Hey, if they can sell a Hatchimal for $65+… why not?


Current supply is low and demand is high. My price isn’t going down with use, either. Just broke 50 hours.


I’m considering selling my air filter when it comes, since I don’t really seem to need it and I have a very early place in line.

No attempt here to subvert a free market, especially if it involves a profit, but if you know you don’t want it, and the hassle of selling it, I recall other people have been able to just cancel the filter. I doubt that policy has changed.

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There are some big downsides to this - check out this post for details.

Good to know. Of course, I’d actually order my replacement before selling the first with the hopes of keeping the account and goodies. LOL

That would get a little hairy: we wouldn’t be able to connect your “new” account to the unit you purchased, so you’d need to create a second account for it. We could help you do that. But an account with freebies can’t be connected to a unit until that unit’s delivered. That’s both the way it works, and a necessary prevention to keep people from placing an order, getting all the freebies, using their friend’s forge, then cancelling the order.


Well, I guess my starting price point for considering sale just jumped another $5-10K.


I have a basic.
It has been used regularly since June.
I love it. I use a lot.
I might consider selling it… but it would have to pay for a Pro… and, just like some high-profile legal awards, I’d need compensation for the emotional separation, too.

It’s worth the wait… I’m just not sure I’d like to wait.
But, everything is for sale… at the right price.


Out of interest, why would you consider going from a Basic to a Pro?

Obviously you know the Basic well enough, have you used a Pro?
What is it with its Specs that stand out as a ‘must have’?

I love my basic.
I am not remotely sad with it.

I would love the pass-through slot. I can’t say I would use it often; but when I want it, I want it.
Example: My brother has a replica sword signed by the swordsmith that designed it for the movies, and he showed it to me again this week. He would love to etch that sharpie-made signature into the blade. Whether that would add or diminish the value, he wants that. Long things… I would love to do.

The tiny notch up in power would be nice. Cutting through 1/4 inch baltic birch instead of cutting through most of the 1/4" stock. Maybe I just need to refine my settings.

The notch up in cooling would be peace of mind… though I haven’t had cooling problems even on 100+ degree days. (38+ for the base-10 scientific world)

I am very happy with my basic. If I were discussing a second machine, it would be a pro… mostly for the pass-through. I figure, if we’re discussing NOW vs. zen-like patience, I’d want the upgrade. Give me a reason to give it up.

Also, If I were back in line, I see the pro line moving faster than the basic.

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Yup, fair call.

The 45w would be nice
The pass-through would be nice too but these are just chrome for my needs

I have a Basic on order and the only reason i would consider upgrading is the cooling, and a 3C increase over the Basic at such a significant price increase is just not worth it from my POV.

Thank you for your frank reply though, it really helps to have some opinion on Basic experience vs Pro want-to-have

You don’t know many monks apparently…


Couldn’t you just change the email address associated with the account to a new email address?
I’ve already had to do that once. Wasn’t difficult.

The original owner would be able to reclaim the account after they sold it by providing the original purchase information, “yanking” it away from the new purchaser. Then they’d have access to the new purchasers’ credit card on file. Not a good scenario. I strongly advise not to sell accounts - it exposes both the buyer and seller to risk, and it’s against the terms & conditions.

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I really hope you clarify that statement. It’s unsettling on numerous levels, and none of them have anything to do with reselling your Glowforge.