Anyone try Brilliance Laser ink?

Anyone try Brilliance metal ink? Can’t find any reviews and their website is pretty dismal. If it works, certainly a lot cheaper than Cermark.


yes, works well. better than molly-d and much better than wet paper towel. cleans up easy too.

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Interesting. It’s half of he price of Cermark and a third less than Laser Bond.

When I near the end of my can or Cermark I’ll have to get a can of these alternatives and try a side by side test.

Cermark does have the benefit of additional formulations for other materials & colors.


Amazon has it too, if you’re looking for Prime shipping etc…


I’m looking forward to that post!

Yep, that’s where I ordered it from last night. :slight_smile:

I don’t think there’s as many options as Cermark, but these guys do have a few other colors. It looks like it works on glass and tile and they have something for plastic as well. There website is lacking any real details though so hard to tell what’s what.


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