Laser Inks - what's "best"?

I’m looking for the “best” (yes, I know it’s all relative) laser ink for using on a marine aluminium panel. I need it to be decently black and of course last well in the harsh salt/sun environment. It won’t be submerged but may take sea spray.

Cermark is the most well-known ink, and I see a post about Brilliance as well as a mention of Laser Bond.

My question is- what gives the best result and is any premium in price worth it? I plan to sell these panels so it needs to be of commercial quality but paying twice the price for a 5% increase in quality might be too much.

Has anyone tried more than one ink, and what did you find?

Just to add- if Cermark is the answer, should the preference be for LMM6000 or LMM14?

There are literally hundreds of posts - and people have their favorites, and none of their favorites are the same…everything from a wet paper towel, to $100/bottle of Cermark…

Thanks- that wasn’t a search term I used. However having read these posts, it still seems nobody has any clear comparative answers between the different commercial brands. Some people said they’d test and report back but don’t, and others say X is good without knowing how it compares to Y. The best comment is this from over two years ago.

And I’m not sure how keen I am to use mustard as an ink for a product expected to last years! I’m just loath to spend megabucks on any ink that won’t work as claimed. However I’m working on the “you get what you pay for” principle, which unfortunately is closely related to “a fool and his money are soon parted” when people are selling snake oil!

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At a $100/can, it’s hard to get excited about doing a lot of testing :slightly_smiling_face:

Cermark is definitely good stuff. It’s darker/blacker than Moly and if a dark black is important to me, that’s what I use.

Is it twice as good as Lasermark or one of the other knockoffs? I don’t know but the YouTube comparisons look like it’s better - how much better is subjective.


There are a few comparison videos on YouTube that are pretty good. I’d look at those to help you narrow down your options.

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