Anyone who ordered a Pro unit get their notification email yet?


Exciting to hear that the email we’ve all been waiting for is starting to fan out!!!

Curious though if anyone who’s ordered a Pro unit has received the production unit shipment email yet? My guess is that the email is only going out to Basic order-ers for now?

I ordered a pro unit the morning that the original crowdfunding campaign started, but still no email. I’ll report back here once I see any sign of it!


Got THE email for my PRO order!

And I’m thinking: Anyone who order a Basic now feeling the pressure to upgrade to a Pro??


Anyone who ordered a Pro tempted to downgrade to get it sooner?


I think – if I remember correctly – that the Pro units start shipping a bit after the Basic ones, so we might have to wait a bit before we get our email – but they are coming! :laughing:


If there’s going to be a long delay between the different units after they have said time and time again that they’ll be shipping at the same time I’ll definitely downgrade, but be unhappy about it.


I’m lucky to have a pru so no pressure to downgrade.


oh sure. just prove us all as short sighted for not requesting one. I am in awe of your planning and foresight.


Lol, sometimes things just come together!


I haven’t seen an email, yet, and I do not feel the need to downgrade to Basic for that. I want my Pro perks.


While I’m very happy for the Basic owners I’m disappointed in the lack of communication and clarity for Pro pre purchasers who are left here wondering how long the delay will be…


The Basic emails have just started going out. Give @dan a chance, especially since I’m sure they wanted to allow the users to blow up the forum with outstanding news of first Basic units shipping. Units shipping before end of May really suggests they are on track to reach their projected goal on shipping pre-orders.


Note: my personal internet connection went down (hopefully just temporary) just in time for this to blow up the forums, so I am not having an easy time checking my email right now.


Nothing yet… here is to hoping some notification is coming and the schedule still stands for pro & basic alike.


My understanding is that Pro units make up a significant share of the orders (a majority, if I’m remembering correctly) so I’m sure they’ll be working hard to get those out. But realistically I would expect them to ship a few weeks after the Basics.

They can use the Basic units to get their shipping and support fine-tuned before tackling the (larger?) number of Pro units. Also, Pro orders are probably more likely to include Filters, and we know the filter isn’t likely to ship immediately, so that might be a factor.


Considering we haven’t seen even a up close of a pro in action, I can’t say I’m surprised that the first unit out the door isn’t a pro. I will be curious to see what announcements follow, since all the last announcements have been that basic and pro are expected to ship at the same time, with only the filter possibly being delayed.


Yup. I just upgraded…was on the face but now that notices are starting to go out, didn’t want to face another price hike if the status changes from Pre-order to Regular order.


And they’re working on the Maker Faire this days, so time won’t be abundant.


I expected Basic to start shipping before Pro, though apart from filters, I’m not expecting a huge delay between the two.


Yep. The “ship all pre-Oct 26th orders by end of July” included Pros.


Correct - pretty much a 60/40 split back when Dan announced it and pointed out that was opposite what they had expected.