App Feature Request: Import/Export Designs (for personal ones)

I have a feature request for the app. Is there a way you could add an export/import function for designs people create? (to be clear: NOT on the ones we buy from the catalog!!)

It would allow some crazy sharing of ideas amongst the community, and, for paranoid people like myself, it would allow us to backup our work just in case more than having multiple copies in the app. If worried about sharing: it could be something that only works with the account it’s downloaded from. Just a thought/suggestion!

I had inquired about the ability to download our existing designs, and was told that the format of the stored files is different, and wouldn’t be of any use to us.

Right- but I’m assuming the format would work for IMPORTING back into the app.

I only want this to back up my designs. I’m not looking to use this file for any other app. So I was hoping to be able to someday download from the app as a backup. And re-import if I ever needed to. (I’m essentially concerned about the inability to ‘lock’ a design to prevent it from deletion… That could be an additional request if this one doesn’t work- a ‘lock’ option for designs to prevent mistakes)

Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll make sure the team gets them.